#AM_Equality Tipsheet: December 8, 2017

by Allison Turner

HRC releases new Buyer’s Guide in time for holiday shopping; Chef for Equality Duff Goldman -- “Bakers choose what, not whom, to serve”

HRC RELEASES ANNUAL BUYER’S GUIDE JUST IN TIME FOR HOLIDAY SHOPPING: The Buying for Workplace Equality guide helps equality-minded shoppers stand with companies who stand with the LGBTQ community. It provides invaluable consumer information based on company scores reported in HRC’s annual Corporate Equality Index, as well as HRC-researched data on additional well-known companies and their brands. “Our annual Buying for Workplace Equality guide provides quick, user-friendly help in selecting everything from groceries to cars, allowing fair-minded consumers to use their wallets to resist attacks on the LGBTQ community by supporting brands committed to fully inclusive workplaces,” said Deena Fidas, Director of HRC Foundation’s Workplace Equality Program. “Every year we hear from members of the LGBTQ community and many other consumers who want to choose brands that align with their priorities of workplace fairness. Using the Buying for Workplace Equality guide this holiday season helps ensure that their dollars go to businesses that support equality.” More from HRC.

  • Using the CEI, South Florida Gay News compiled five LGBTQ-friendly businesses to support this holiday season. More here.

CHEF FOR EQUALITY DUFF GOLDMAN -- “BAKERS CHOOSE WHAT, NOT WHOM, TO SERVE”: In an oped for The Baltimore Sun, Charm City Cakes’ owner Duff Goldman (@duffgoldman) wrote: “Do we want a country where people can be turned away for their race, their religion, their sexual orientation or their gender identity? I don’t — and I don’t think most Americans do, either. We’ve had this national conversation before, and we shouldn’t have to force our LGBTQ friends and neighbors to relive it now. The bottom line is this: It’s my job to make my customers happy — not to tell them how they should be living their lives.” More from The Baltimore Sun.

  • Morning Must Read: “Discrimination tastes terrible, even with icing,” writes Jonathan Lovitz, senior vice president of the National LGBT Chamber of Commerce in Whyy.

DOUG JONES -- A SENATOR WHO WILL REPRESENT ALABAMA’S 60,000 LGBTQ PEOPLE: HRC has proudly endorsed Dong Jones, who is running against Roy Moore for Alabama’s U.S. Senate seat. “Throughout this campaign, HRC organized phone banks, canvasses and community events to encourage Alabamians to make their voices heard and defeat Roy Moore, arguably the most anti-LGBTQ Senate candidate in modern history,” HRC Press Secretary Nick Morrow (@NRMorrow) told Washington Blade’s Chris Johnson (@chrisjohnson82). “HRC also ramped up a public education campaign that included yard signs, online ads, direct mail to educate voters about their choices in this year’s election.” More from Washington Blade.

FEEL GOOD FRIDAY -- IN MASSIVE DISPLAY OF SUPPORT FOR TRANS AND NON-BINARY YOUTH, NEARLY 400 COMMUNITIES JOIN NATIONAL I AM JAZZ DAY OF READINGS: HRC and the National Education Association, inspired by a small Wisconsin town that stood up for a transgender child and rejected anti-LGBTQ bigotry and censorship, sponsored yesterday readings of the children’s book by transgender teen trailblazer and HRC Youth Ambassador Jazz Jennings (@JazzJennings__). The unprecedented demonstration of support for trans and non-binary youth across the nation -- from grassroots events in libraries, schools and community centers to readings on Capitol Hill -- comes after a year of significant attacks on the rights of transgender people. More from WMTV and The Cap Times.

  • Amy Lyle, the Mt. Horeb, Wis., mom who organized the first “I Am Jazz” reading: "I wish that people better understood that trans and gender expansive children are all of our children, and all children are deserving of love and support, without exception." Read more at a plus.

MEXICAN MEDIA MOGUL EMPHASIZES IMPORTANCE OF LGBTQ ALLYSHIP AT HRC EQUIDAD LAUNCH: Martha Debayle (@marthadebayle), renowned Mexican entrepreneur and radio host said: “Coming out of the closet should not be a hell. Sitting down and telling your mom that you are gay should not be a scary thing.” More from MarthaDebayle.

LÍDER DE MEDIOS HABLA SOBRE EL APOYO A LA COMUNIDAD LGBT EN EL LANZAMIENTO DE HRC EQUIDAD MX: Martha Debayle (@marthadebayle), una renombrada empresaria y presentadora mexicana expresó: “Salir del clóset no debe ser un infierno. Y que sentarte y decirle a tu familia: 'mamá soy gay', tampoco sea una razón de miedo. Más de MarthaDebayle.

WE NEED, OH, ABOUT 21,307 MORE OPENLY LGBTQ ELECTED OFFICIALS TO ACCURATELY REFLECT THE NATION’S POPULATION: According to a report from the Victory Institute, the U.S. only has 448 openly LGBTQ elected officials. More from The Daily Beast.

CLAIR FARLEY NAMED SAN FRANCISCO MAYOR’S OFFICE SENIOR ADVISER ON TRANSGENDER INITIATIVES: Farley, current director of economic development at the San Francisco LGBT Community Center, will replace Theresa Sparks, who is retiring. More from The Bay Area Reporter.

LENA WAITHE TO DEBUT SHOW ON SHOWTIME: The Chi is set to debut on January 7. The lesbian actor and writer made history this year as the first Black woman to win an Emmy for comedy writing for her work on a powerful “Master of None” episode on coming out in which she also starred. Waithe (@LenaWaithe) will host an viewing of The Chi in January at New York City’s 92Y.

GREG BERLANTI AND ROBBIE ROGERS MARRY IN MALIBU: Berlanti (@GBerlanti), a producer, and Rogers (@robbierogers), former LA Galaxy soccer player, shared photos of their nuptials on Instagram. More from Advocate.

TWO TORONTO MEN WITH TIES TO LGBTQ COMMUNITY MISSING FOR SIX MONTHS: Police are investigating the disappearance of Selim Esen and Andrew Kinsman. More from CTV.

PAKISTANI TRANS COMMUNITY RALLIES AGAINST VIOLENCE: Last month, two transgender women were murdered in the Peshawar, the Pakistani capital. More from The Express Tribune.

SCOTTISH NATIONAL PARENTS GROUP ADVOCATES FOR ANTI-BULLYING LEGISLATION: The legislation would require public schools to teach about stopping anti-LGBTQ bullying. More from The Scotsman and The Herald.


The Guardian is seeking stories on LGBTQ life in Russia; Khmer Times reports on the ILGA Asia conference held in Phnom Penh, Cambodia; Japan Times looks at the fight for marriage equality in the country; Advocate interviews gay Mexican screenwriter Jorge Molina (@colormejorge); San Francisco Chronicle reviews ‘¡Cuéntamelo! Oral Histories by LGBT Latino Immigrants’; Diversidad CDMX habló con Deena Fidas, directora de HRC Equidad MX y el Programa de Igualdad en el Centro Laboral, sobre el programa HRC Equidad MX que promueve la igualdad LGBTQ en los centros laborales.

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