#AM_Equality Tipsheet: December 20, 2019

by HRC Staff

J.K. Rowling is a TERF; Virginia Values Coalition announces pro-equality legislation

HISTORIC -- LAST NIGHT’S DEM DEBATE FEATURED QUESTION FOCUSED ON EPIDEMIC OF VIOLENCE AGAINST TRANS PEOPLE: “[T]he epidemic of violence against transgender people — especially trans women of color — was for the first time meaningfully discussed on the main stage of the Democratic presidential debate. We are in a moment of crisis: our trans siblings are facing disproportionate levels of violence and are being targeted simply because of who they are. Now, more than ever, it is vital that our voices are heard and that the candidates are able to address our community directly. Thank you to Politico, PBS and the Democratic National Committee for creating space for this crucial conversation.” More from The Hill and Advocate.

J.K. ROWLING TWEETS SUPPORT OF TERF -- BETRAYS LESSONS OF LOVE IN HER OWN WRITING: Rowling broke my heart and the hearts of countless LGBTQ fans by tweeting out her support of a known Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminist (TERF) Maya Forstater. Forstater lost her contract to work at the Centre for Global Development after she tweeted out transphobic rhetoric, and then lost her legal case when she sued the Centre. More from Variety, The Daily Beast, NBC and The New York Times.

VIRGINIA VALUES COALITION ANNOUNCES LEGISLATION TO FIGHT FOR LGBTQ VIRGINIANS: Virginia is home to 185,000 LGBTQ adults. Under current Virginia law – as in 29 other U.S. states – LGBTQ people are not explicitly protected from discrimination, which means they can be fired, evicted or denied service in restaurants or stores. The Virginia Values Coalition is calling on state lawmakers to pass a bipartisan, common sense law to protect LGBTQ Virginians from discrimination in their daily lives. More from HRC and Metro Weekly.

FEEL GOOD FRIDAY -- THIS HOLIDAY SEASON, WE REFLECT ON WHAT IT MEANS TO BE AN LGBTQ PERSON OF FAITH: “This season is both sobering and joyful for me -- a gay, Afro-Boricua man who is also a faithful Catholic. The convergence of my intersecting identities provokes profound questions as I meditate on… the season’s themes of reflection,” writes HRC Religion and Faith Director Michael Vazquez (@mvsebastian). “This is not the first time that I’ve considered these things. Only a few years ago, I was still questioning whether I could be both a person of faith and live authentically as an openly gay man.” More from USA Today.

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U.S. APPEALS COURT STRIKES DOWN ACA MANDATE THAT ALL AMERICANS HAVE HEALTH INSURANCE: While this ruling is disappointing, it does not impact coverage for 2020. More from The New York Times.

FIRST UNITED METHODIST CHURCH OF DALLAS TO HOST MASS CEREMONY CELEBRATING MARRIAGE, INCLUDING FOR SAME-SEX COUPLES: The event comes mere days before a new United Methodist Church policy goes into place to reinforce the prohibition of marriage equality. More from Pink News.

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SIMPLY THE BEST -- SCHITT’S CREEK UNVEILS BILLBOARD IN L.A.: The groundbreaking show features LGBTQ characters. More from Washington Blade.


  • Decorated Canadian olympian Marnie McBean has encouraged spoke out in support of LGBTQ athletes at an event. More from The Japan Times.

I’M COMPETING IN THE OLYMPIC TRIALS! . I’m registered - I will be competing in the Men’s 50k race walk Olympic Trials race, which will be the race that selects the (up to) three athletes who will go to the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. . I’ve been told I’ll be the first to compete in the Olympic Trials in a category other than my birth gender (meaning the first transgender athlete to compete in the gender with which they identify), and the first trans men to compete with men, but I will NOT be the first trans athlete to compete in the Trials. History lesson: . In 2008, Keelin Godsey was the first openly transgender athlete to compete for a spot on the United States Olympic team. Godsey was assigned female at birth & transitioned socially; he openly identified as male since 2005 & competed in women's hammer throw competitions in the 2008 & 2012 Olympic Trials, narrowly missing a shot at the Olympics on the women’s team. . Please feel free to fact check me here - I don’t know of anyone else but I will proudly celebrate anyone who came before me! - - - - - Transgender athletes do have a place in sport - even at the highest levels. ✊ - - - - - #imagedescription Chris Mosier wears a grey hoodie and smiles with an open mouth. He holds a laptop computer and points at the screen, which says “2020 U.S. OLYMPIC TRIALS - MEN’S 50KM RACE WALK AND USATF WOMEN’S 50 KM RACE WALK CHAMPIONSHIP.” Slide two is a close up of the computer screen text. . #transathlete #teamusa #racewalk #racewalking #usatf #trans #lgbtq #queer #queerathlete #chrismosier #thisiswhattranslookslike #transisbeautiful #wontbeerased #nike #nodaysoff #nobaddays #history

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SARK BECOMES FINAL PLACE IN BRITISH ISLES TO PASS MARRIAGE EQUALITY: The law will come into effect in February 2020. More from Gay Times.


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