#AM_Equality Tipsheet: December 19, 2017

by Allison Turner

Trump ignores human rights in National Security Strategy; Pence goes to Egypt amid anti-LGBTQ human rights violations

TRUMP IGNORES HUMAN RIGHTS, PROMOTES NATIONALISM AND ISLAMOPHOBIA IN HIS NATIONAL SECURITY STRATEGY: Donald Trump has repeatedly failed to meaningfully tackle human rights atrocities at home and abroad, and the National Security Strategy he unveiled yesterday doubles down on his hateful agenda -- mentioning human rights only once. It also fails to mention, hate crimes or LGBTQ people. President Barack Obama’s 2015 National Security Strategy, by contrast, mentioned human rights 16 times, explicitly mentioning the LGBTQ community twice. During Trump’s speech unveiling the strategy, he sent multiple dog whistles to his white nationalist base, including claiming “a country not proud of its history cannot move forward,” evoking discussions involving moving racist symbols off pedestals and into museums and history books where the missteps of history can be studied and lessons learned. See Trump’s strategy here.

AHEAD OF VP PENCE'S UPCOMING TRIP TO EGYPT, MEMBERS OF CONGRESS URGE HIM TO ADDRESS COUNTRY’S ANTI-LGBTQ HUMAN RIGHTS ABUSES: In advance of Pence’s meeting with Egypt President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, now rescheduled for January, a bipartisan group of members of Congress sent a letter urging him to address the country’s worst anti-LGBTQ crackdown in recent memory. The letter implores Pence to make it clear that “The arrest, harassment, and incitement against LGBT individuals inside Egypt must cease immediately, the individuals in detention must be released, and the government should oppose any laws that seek to criminalize the LGBT community.” HRC has called on Egyptian authorities to respect the human rights and freedom of expression of their LGBTQ citizens. More from HuffPost.

TRUMP-PENCE ADMIN WITHHELD COMMENTS IN SUPPORT OF CARE FOR TRANS PATIENTS: Said HRC’s Director of Government Affairs David Stacy: “On the heels of an attempt to erase transgender Americans from CDC documents, we're now seeing the Trump-Pence Administration refuse to disclose public comments on religious exemptions to LGBTQ healthcare coverage and eliminate the global threats to LGBTQ people from the conversation on human rights and national security. This is part of a disturbing pattern across the Trump-Pence Administration of refusing to even study the unique healthcare and other needs of LGBTQ people, jeopardizing science-based assessment of heath disparities and undermining access to programs and services that are vital to the health and well-being of LGBTQ people. If Donald Trump and Mike Pence believe we are going to remain silent and permit this dangerous trend to go unanswered, they are sorely mistaken.” More from Politico.

YEAR-IN-REVIEW -- 2017 SAW CONTINUED ATTACKS ON TRANSGENDER PEOPLE: This has been the deadliest year on record for the transgender community, and the rights of trans people have also been under sustained attack by the Trump-Pence administration and many state legislatures. While there were historic wins -- including the election of Danica Roem, Andrea Jenkins and Phillipe Cunningham -- transgender candidates all ugly rhetoric during the campaign season. Writes Evan Urquhart (@e_urq): “If 2017 affirmed that trans folks can fight -- and sometimes even win -- the astonishing number of trans murders revealed just how dire the stakes remain. We will continue the battle into 2018, knowing it will be one that will extend years into the future.” More from NewNowNext.

  • Katelyn Burns (@transscribe) spoke with Minneapolis City Councilmember-elect Andrea Jenkins (@andreaforward8) about her remarkable win and on documenting transgender history. More from Broadly.

TUESDAY TWEET -- ELLEN TALKS WITH ALABAMA DAD WHO SPOKE MOVINGLY ABOUT HIS LESBIAN DAUGHTER WHO COMMITTED SUICIDE: “Gay people have rights just like people who are not gay,” Nathan Mathis told Ellen DeGeneres (@TheEllenShow), speaking about his protest at a Roy Moore rally to honor his daughter, Patti Sue. More from The Ellen Show.

MOVIE STARRING TRANS WOMAN MAKES SHORT LIST FOR FOREIGN LANGUAGE OSCAR: A Fantastic Woman,” directed by Sebastián Lelio (@Slelio), stars transgender Chilean actress Daniela Vega (@danivega). More from The New York Times.

  • More movies to marathon over the holiday break: Check out this list of LGBTQ movies released this year from BuzzFeed.
  • AND check out this list of LGBTQ movies that avoid the negative trope of “burying your gays,” also from BuzzFeed.

SPANISH-LANGUAGE TELEVISION NEEDS MORE LGBTQ REPRESENTATION: A new report from GLAAD found that only 19 out of 698 characters on Spanish-language scripted television were LGBTQ. More from Advocate.

TONIGHT AT 7 PM ET -- 15: A QUINCEANERA STORY PREMIERS: The documentary series will follow five Latinx girls celebrating their 15th birthday. One of the girls, Zoey Luna, is transgender. More from HBO.

PHILIPPINE PRESIDENT FLIP-FLOPS (AGAIN) ON MARRIAGE EQUALITY: “I said I am for (same) sex marriage if that is the trend of the modern times,” he said. “If that will add to your happiness, I am for it,” President Rodrigo Duterte said to a gathering of LGBTQ advocates in Davao City. More from Reuters and Vice.

  • Filipino Senator says it's time for an LGBTQ commission: The move by Senator Paolo Aquino IV comes in response to Duterte’s comments. More from Manila Bulletin.

CANADIAN MP MICHELLE REMPEL, SHANTE YOU STAY: When discussing a bill that would allow Canadians charged under a past law criminalizing same-sex intimacy to have their records expunged, MP Rempel quoted drag icon RuPaul (@RuPaul), saying “Because I am not sure anyone has ever done this in the House before, I am going to quote RuPaul, ‘If you can't love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else?’” More from BuzzFeed.


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