#AM_Equality Tipsheet: August 7, 2019

by HRC Staff

Today -- HRC welcomes new president Alphonso David; HRC marks anniversary of Voting Rights Act, renew call for Congress to pass H.R. 4

TODAY -- HRC WELCOMES NEW PRESIDENT ALPHONSO DAVID: David, a civil rights lawyer and longtime LGBTQ advocate, is the first civil rights lawyer and the first person of color to serve as HRC president in the organization’s nearly 40-year history. He previously made history as the first openly gay counsel to the governor of New York and the state’s first deputy secretary and counsel for civil rights. This fierce, compassionate and strategic leader takes HRC’s helm at a critical time, when LGBTQ people, women, people of color, immigrants and refugees and others are being confronted with daily attacks on our most basic rights. Read more about David, whose appointment was announced in late June, in the Associated Press, Advocate, Washington Blade and HRC.


HRC MARKS ANNIVERSARY OF THE VOTING RIGHTS ACT, RENEWS CALL FOR CONGRESS TO PASS H.R. 4: “The right to vote is a central principle and a bedrock of our democracy,” said HRC Government Affairs Director David Stacy (@david_stacy). “Full equality will not be achieved until we halt the systematic efforts to restrict access to the ballot box, disenfranchise voters and undermine our democracy.” More from HRC


NO SURPRISE HERE -- PENCE MEETS WITH HATE GROUP AND SAYS “THERE IS NO PLACE IN AMERICA” FOR HATE: His confab with the Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF), which has called for the criminalization of same-sex relationships, marked the third time in five days Pence has appeared with anti-LGBTQ extremists. More from ShareBlue and the New Civil Rights Movement.

WHAT WE’RE READING WEDNESDAY -- THERE IS NO ROOM FOR DISCRIMINATION IN HEALTH CARE: “The truth is, no one has to accept being turned away by a health care provider or insurer because of their sexual orientation or gender identity,” writes Julianna S. Gonen (@JulieGonen) of the National Center for Lesbian Rights. More from Advocate

  • Connecticut insurance commissioner opposes Trump-Pence rollbacks on protections for transgender people. More from Hartford Courant.

HOW BLACK PRESS PAVED THE ROAD FOR LGBTQ EQUALITY: “[The Chicago Defender] provided extensive coverage of Black queer life in Chicago, and in the 1970s...it reported sympathetically on the city’s nascent movement for LGBTQ equality,” writes Timothy Stewart-Winter (@timothysw), an associate professor at Rutgers University-Newark. The Chicago Defender, which was founded in 1905 to serve the city’s Black community, has moved to an online format, ceasing print publication entirely. More from The Washington Post.

NO HATE IN THE STACKS -- “TO ME, LIBRARIES ARE FOR ALL OF US”:  “They are moldable space where you take what you want and you can leave what you don’t, where you are challenged and you are comforted, but above all, they are a place where you are welcomed,” writes the Des Moines Register’s Iowa columnist Courtney Crowder (@courtneycare) about Paul Robert Dorr, who was fined for burning LGBTQ-themed books he’d checked out from the Orange City Library. More from Des Moines Register.

WE CANNOT NORMALIZE HATE -- THE LATINX COMMUNITY STANDS UNITED: “The violence in El Paso is not about immigration policy. It is about promoting the hate, fear and division sown by President Trump,” writes Janet Murguía (@JMurguia_Unidos), president of the UnidosUS, in the NYT oped. “Violence is a terrifying but not unexpected outcome when our nation’s leader tries to normalize hate.” More from The New York Times.


���� ���� HRC’S JAY GILLIAM HIGHLIGHTS LGBTQ ISSUES IN THE U.S. AND CHINA: In an interview with the National Committee on U.S. - China Relations (@NCUSCR), Gilliam explains the differences between HRC and Zhitong Guangzhou LGBT Center’s programming, including HRC Global Fellow Program, how health care and LGBTQ issues intersect and social attitudes toward the LGBTQ community in both countries. Watch more on YouTube.

WORK SHOULD BE A SAFE PLACE FOR ALL LGBTQ PEOPLE -- COMING OUT AS TRANS AT WORK IN THE UK: “[T]ransitioning at work has given me a voice where I never had a voice before,” says trans rights advocate Aoife Martin (@aoifemrtn). More from HuffPost.

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Medium features a powerful profile of  HRC Foundation Board Co-Chair, author and activist Jodie Patterson (@jodie_GeorgiaNY); NewNowNext shares that Andi Mack actor Joshua Rush (@JoshuaRush) came out as bisexual.

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