#AM_Equality Tipsheet: August 25, 2017

by Allison Turner

Trump considering ending DACA; Senate bill opposing Trump’s trans military ban in the works.

TRUMP CONSIDERING ENDING DACA: Reports that Donald Trump is considering ending the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program come after ten attorneys general from across the country have called for it to be rescinded. That would leave immigrant youth who were brought to the U.S. as children -- including an estimated 75,000 LGBTQ Dreamers -- without work permits, driver’s licenses, and vulnerable to deportations. Earlier this month, HRC joined other advocacy groups including Fair Immigrant Reform Movement, CASA, Planned Parenthood, and MoveOn.org for a National Day of Action to defend DACA recipients. More from Axios.

SENATE BILL OVERTURNING TRUMP’S UNCONSCIONABLE TRANS MILITARY BAN IN THE WORKS: Following reports that Donald Trump is preparing to force a discriminatory transgender military ban despite bipartisan opposition, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) tweeted that she plans to introduce legislation to fight it. Trump’s proposed policy, which he initially tweeted a variation of, would prevent transgender people from joining the military, allow military leaders to remove qualified, currently-enlisted transgender Americans from serving their country, and unconscionably halt medically-necessary health care for transgender troops. More here.

TRUMP IS READING FROM DAVID DUKE’S RACIST PLAYBOOK: Donald Trump’s latest remarks in Phoenix sound awfully similar to Former KKK Imperial Wizard David Duke. Watch here.

TODAY, FROM THE NYTIMES’ FRANK BRUNI - “WE’RE AT THE MERCY OF OUR ZIP CODES”: In his piece, “The Worst (and Best) Places to Be Gay in America,” Bruni (@FrankBruni) writes, “There’s no such thing as L.G.B.T. life in America, a country even more divided on this front than on others. There’s L.G.B.T. life in a group of essentially progressive places like New York, Maryland, Oregon and California, which bans government-funded travel to states it deems unduly discriminatory. Then there is L.G.B.T. life on that blacklist, which includes Texas, Kansas, Mississippi and South Dakota. The differences between states -- and between cities within states -- are profound, and while that has long been true, it’s much more consequential since the advent of the Trump administration, a decidedly less ready ally of L.G.B.T. people than the Obama administration was.” Read the full piece at The New York Times.

COULD INDIA’S SUPREME COURT RULING SPELL END TO COUNTRY’S ANTI-LGBTQ LAW?: The Supreme Court of India ruled yesterday that the rights of LGBT people are “real rights founded on sound constitutional doctrine,” and those rights “dwell in privacy and dignity.” The court wrote, “Discrimination against an individual on the basis of sexual orientation is deeply offensive to the dignity and self-worth of the individual. Equality demands that the sexual orientation of each individual in society must be protected.” The eloquent decision could signal the beginning of the end to India’s Colonial-era “Section 377” law, which bans same-sex sexual activity. More from NewNowNext and BuzzFeed.

FEEL GOOD FRIDAY: After Dalia, a lesbian in Egypt, shared on Facebook her father’s support, the post went viral. The responses ranged from messages of love to death threats against Dalia and her father. In the wake of this, Dalia has a powerful message to other LGBTQ people in the Middle East and North Africa: “You need to find your supportive circle. If not, try to find people how you can relate to on the Internet. Stay strong and think positively, because there are people out there who will support you and be there for you.” More from BuzzFeed.

ALL EYES ON AUSTRALIA AS POSTAL SURVEY ON MARRIAGE EQUALITY BEGINS: The deadline to enroll to participate in the postal survey has now passed. Results of the survey are expected on November 15. Though Australia’s postal survey on marriage equality is non-binding and raises some legal questions, Australia’s prime minister, Malcolm Turnbull, has assured the public that the bill to legalize marriage equality “will absolutely sail through” parliament if the majority of Australians vote yes. More from HRC.

  • Australian celebrities including Chris Hemsworth (@ChrisHemsworth) and Margot Robbie (@MargotRobbie) are advocating for marriage equality. More from People.
  • Singer Meghan Trainor (@Meghan_Trainor) also came out strongly in support of marriage equality after her photo was used in an anti-equality advertisement without her permission. More from Washington Blade.

TRUMP’S RESPONSE TO CHARLOTTESVILLE EXPOSES DIVISIONS: Jorge Gestoso (@JorgeGestoso) spoke with Lisbeth Melendez Rivera, HRC Director of Latinx and Catholic Initiatives about racist violence in Charlottesville, the importance of supporting our transgender troops and the administration’s constant attacks against LGBTQ community. “This does not mean that it has not been there, but that racism, homophobia and hatred against minorities in the United States and those they consider ‘different’ are now being exposed,” said Melendez Rivera. “Our goal right now is not only to try to advance, but to keep that bow of justice in its place so that we can survive and continue to live a fair and authentic life.” Watch the interview in Spanish from Entrevista con Jorge Gestoso.

RESPUESTA DE TRUMP SOBRE CHARLOTTESVILLE ALIMENTA LAS DIVISIONES: El programa Entrevista con Jorge Gestoso (@JorgeGestoso) habló con Lisbeth Meléndez Rivera, directora de iniciativas latinx y católicas sobre la violencia racial en Charlottesville, la importancia de proteger a nuestras tropas transgénero y los constantes ataques del gobierno contra la comunidad LGBTQ. “No quiere decir que no haya estado allí, simple y sencillamente se está exponiendo el racismo, la homofobia y el odio contra las minorías en los Estados Unidos y aquellos que se consideran ‘el otro’”, dijo Meléndez Rivera. “El propósito de nosotros ahora mismo es no solamente tratar de avanzar, pero mantener ese arco de la justicia donde está para que podamos sobrevivir y seguir viviendo una vida justa e igualitaria”. Vea la entrevista en español aquí.

FAITH AND HIV AND AIDS AWARENESS DAY: To mark Faith and HIV and AIDS Awareness Day, HRC sat down with Lisbeth Meléndez Rivera, Director of Latinx & Catholic Initiatives at the HRC Foundation, to discuss the need to address HIV in the LGBTQ community and in congregations. The goal of the day is to rally U.S. communities representing different faiths to take a stand against HIV and HIV-related stigma in their congregations, and raise awareness about HIV and AIDS. More from HRC.

HRC MOURNS MARK MERLIS, GAY AUTHOR AND HIV ADVOCATE: Merlis was prolific in capturing the HIV epidemic in America, and he and his work played a crucial role in creating and passing the 1990 Ryan White Comprehensive AIDS Resources Emergency (CARE) Act. More from Pink News.

TODAY -- FINLAND TO RECONSIDER BARBARIC ANTI-TRANSGENDER LAW: Under current law, transgender people must be sterilized before they can legally change their gender. Today, the government will discuss abolishing this requirement, on the suggestion of the country's Human Rights Council. More from Gay Star News.


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