#AM_Equality: September 30, 2021

by HRC Staff

#AM_Equality: HRC and Black in Fashion Council release first-ever ‘Black in Fashion’ Index; HRC panel highlights plight of LGBTQ+ Afghans

HRC & BLACK IN FASHION COUNCIL RELEASE FIRST-EVER ‘BLACK IN FASHION’ INDEX: “Responding to the call for racial justice, top companies in these industries are driving progress toward equity and inclusion in the workplace and in the public square,” said HRC Workplace Equality Program Senior Manager Raina Nelson (they/them). “Thank you to the Black in Fashion Council for entrusting us with such an important tool that will be a guiding light to businesses around the country, and ultimately, around the world.” More from HRC.

HRC PANEL HIGHLIGHTS PLIGHT OF LGBTQ+ AFGHANS: Yesterday, HRC was joined by New Hampshire Congressman Chris Pappas, Rainbow Railroad Executive Director Kimahli Powell, Center for Global Equality Chair Mark Bromley and Nemat Sadat, an LGBTQ+ activist who was born in Afghanistan, to discuss the current crisis facing LGBTQ+ Afghans. HRC Global Partnerships Director Jean Freedberg (she/her) was the moderator. More from Washington Blade and HRC.

🌴 THE DINAH WAS KNOWN AS ‘THE BIGGEST LESBIAN PARTY IN THE WORLD.’ HERE’S WHAT IT’S LIKE 30 YEARS ON: The five-day event, filled with music, dancing, comedy, DJ battles and pool parties, now markets itself as “the largest queer/lesbian/non-binary event in the world” because “it’s bigger than just a party,” Dinah Shore founder Mariah Hanson said. “It’s an opportunity for our entire community to come together and celebrate in a peaceful, loving and celebratory way.” More from The Lily.

⚧️ TRANSGENDER, INTERSEX ACTIVISTS PARTICIPATE IN WHITE HOUSE LISTENING SESSION: On Tuesday, 16 transgender and intersex activists from around the world participated in a White House listening session. The meeting was one of “a series of listening sessions that the State Department is organizing on the human rights of transgender individuals” through the Interagency Working Group on Safety, Inclusion and Opportunity for Transgender Americans. More from Washington Blade.

🎺 UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN BAND BLARES LGBTQ+ SUPPORT IN HALFTIME SHOW: The University of Michigan marching band performed their show “Spectrum” last weekend during the halftime show in a display of LGBTQ+ support. More from Advocate.


🎭 BOWEN YANG IS NOW A FULL-TIME SNL CAST MEMBER: Bowen Yang (@fayedunaway) will bring even more laughs on Saturday Night Live, as he just received a promotion from a featured player to a full-time cast member. More from Out.

🏀 AT LEAST 25% OF THE PLAYERS IN THE WNBA PLAYOFFS ARE LGBTQ+ AND OUT: 24 players in the 2021 WNBA Playoffs are out as LGBTQ+. That’s more than all active out athletes playing in all of men’s professional sports around the world combined -- by a wide margin. More from Outsports.

📺 🎥 🎬 INDIGENOUS QUEER ACTOR MORNINGSTAR ANGELINE PAVES A WAY IN FILM AND TV: A multi-hyphenate artist, MorningStar Angeline is quietly reshaping the stories Hollywoods tells about Indigenous people. More from Advocate.


⚖️ ⚧️ A “LANDMARK” COURT RULING IN TAIWAN JUST MOVED TRANS RIGHTS FORWARD: In a decision that could become a game-changer, a Taiwanese court ruled in favor of a trans woman who appealed for legal recognition of her gender without requiring proof of surgery. More from them.

👨🏽‍⚖️ 11 LAWYERS FACE PRISON FOR CRITICIZING TOP IMAM OVER LGBTQ+ STATEMENT: The head of the Ankara Bar Association and 10 members of its executive board face up to two years in prison for a press statement where they criticized Turkey’s top imam for his remarks targeting LGBTQ+ and HIV-positive people. More from SCF.

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