#AM_Equality: September 29, 2021

by HRC Staff

#AM_Equality: HRC premieres video of Queen, Black trans woman who was forced into homelessness; HRC recognizes National Voter Registration Day

📽️ HRC PREMIERES VIDEO OF QUEEN, BLACK TRANS WOMAN WHO WAS FORCED INTO HOMELESSNESS: “Queen’s experience is emblematic of the reasons we need the Senate to send the Equality Act to President Biden’s desk,” said HRC Senior Vice President, Policy & Political Affairs JoDee Winterhof (@JoDeelive, she/her). “Right now, millions of LGBTQ+ people are at risk of being denied service at a restaurant, kicked out of their homes, or dismissed from a jury because of their sexual orientation or gender identity. It’s dead wrong. That’s why we can’t stop fighting until the Equality Act is signed into law.” More from HRC and The Grio.

🩺 FOR TRANSGENDER YOUTH, STIGMA IS JUST ONE BARRIER TO HEALTH CARE: “We have to be really thoughtful about the structural barriers that we are creating ourselves as providers,” said Dr. Gina Sequeira, a co-director of the Seattle Children’s Gender Clinic. “The majority of the kids I see have already overcome many, many barriers.” More from The New York Times.

🗳️ HRC RECOGNIZES NATIONAL VOTER REGISTRATION DAY: Yesterday, HRC recognized National Voter Registration Day. Visit hrc.org/vote and make sure you are ready to vote in your next election. More from HRC.




🎬 WHY IS HOLLYWOOD STILL DENYING BLACK LGBTQ+ LOVE STORIES?: “This process of demarginalization can help increase appreciation for cultural differences and help revise the terms of engagement for Black queer stories to be able to proliferate and flourish in the broader society,” said Dr. Artel Great, Black cinema historian at San Francisco State University School of Cinema. More from The Guardian.

🎨 QUEER COLOMBIAN ARTIST ANGELICA LIV CELEBRATES AN INTERSEX STORY IN HER DEBUT SOLO SHOW: Angelica Liv’s (@angelicaliv) latest paintings explore her own gender identity and what it means to see life “free of the chains of gender binary.” More from Creative Boom.

📷 THIS QUEER PHOTOGRAPHER SHAKING UP THE SYSTEM THROUGH PORTRAITS: Julie Riemersma (@julieriemersma) is a queer, Toronto-based photographer. Riemersma’s recent work focuses on up-and-coming drag artists and LGBTQ+ portraits. More from Yohomo.

🔱 INDYA MOORE IS CO-STARRING IN THE NEW AQUAMAN SEQUEL: Trans and non-binary actress Indya Moore (@indyamoore) is set to co-star in the upcoming ‘Aquaman’ sequel. More from Out.


LGBTQ+ GROUPS HOPE JAPAN PRIME MINISTER RACE MAY LEAD TO SAME-SEX MARRIAGES: LGBTQ+ rights activists are hoping that Japan may finally allow same-sex marriage if Taro Kono, who has publicly supported same-sex marriage, becomes the country’s next prime minister. More from Reuters and The Japan Times.

THREE POLISH REGIONS REPEAL ‘LGBT-FREE’ DECLARATIONS: Under threat of losing European Union funding, three regional legislatures in Poland have reversed course and revoked their anti-LGBTQ+ resolutions which restricted LGBTQ+ friendly events from taking place. More from CNN and The Hill.

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