#AM_Equality: September 24, 2021

by HRC Staff

#AM_Equality: HRC calls for immediate pause to deportations of Haitians at the southern border; lawmakers reintroduce anti-bullying Tyler Clementi Act

HRC CALLS FOR IMMEDIATE PAUSE TO DEPORTATIONS OF HAITIANS AT THE SOUTHERN BORDER: “The images depicting the cruel and unjust treatment of Haitian migrants at our southern border are chilling. The behavior of CPB agents, as captured on film, is reprehensible. Haitian families are fleeing a country devastated by political turmoil and natural disasters, including an earthquake that struck the island in August,” said HRC Interim President Joni Madison (she/her). “We call for an immediate pause to the deportation of Haitians and demand the right to due process be upheld for all migrants at our border. Those seeking safety deserve compassion and refuge.” More from HRC.


OUT LAWMAKERS REINTRODUCE ANTI-BULLYING BILL TO HONOR TYLER CLEMENTI: On Wednesday, Senators Patty Murray (D-WA) and Tammy Baldwin (D-WI) and Representative Mark Pocan (D-WI) re-introduced the Tyler Clementi Higher Education Anti-Harassment Act. More from the Advocate.

🎖️ A DECADE AFTER ‘DON’T ASK, DON’T TELL,” LGBTQ+ VETERANS SAY THEY STILL FEEL THE EFFECTS: Ten years after the repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” some former service members suffer from “debilitating depression and trauma disorders” according to Washington Post reporter Casey Parks (@caseyparks). On Wednesday, members of a House Veterans Affairs subcommittee heard testimony about those lingering effects. More from The Washington Post.

EXPLORING THE INTERSECTION OF LATINX, CATHOLIC AND LGBTQ+ IDENTITIES: Eder Díaz Santillan’s (@EderEditado) podcast De Pueblo, Católico y Gay explores the intersection of LGBTQ+, Latino, and Catholic identities providing a neccesary platform for the uncomfortable conversations that can lead to understanding, unity, and healing. More from Advocate.


🏳️‍⚧️ TEXAS IS IN THE SPOTLIGHT. BUT TRANSGENDER ACTIVISTS SAY THEIR FIGHT FEELS UNIQUELY GRUELING AND ‘LONELY’: “These kids in Texas, many of them have had to grow up having to testify to defend their own humanity,” said Angela Hale of Equality Texas (@EqualityTexas). “It is really taking a toll on our community.” More from The Lily.

🥍 AFTER BACKLASH, ILLINOIS CATHOLIC SCHOOL REVERSES COURSE, RE-HIRES LESBIAN COACH: Amanda Kammes was offered a coaching position at Benet Academy, a private Catholic high school in suburban Chicago. A day later the offer was rescinded after Kammes submitted paperwork listing her wife as her emergency contact. After a petition garnered over 2,000 signatures in the community and the school faced local backlash, Kammes was re-hired by Benet Academy. More from NBC News.


🎸 TRANS CONTESTANT WOWS “VOICE” JUDGE ARIANA GRANDE WITH FATHER-SON DUET: The Voice is famous for its blind audition process where contestants demonstrate their vocal talent before the judges can see who they are or what they look like. For trans teen Sasha Allen, that made the show especially appealing. On the latest episode, Sasha, together with his music teacher father, won over the judges with their duet. More from them.

🎬 MEET THE QUEER, INDIGENOUS CREATIVES BEHIND THE GROUNDBREAKING COMEDY ‘RESERVATION DOGS’: Actor Devery Jacobs, director Sydney Freeland and writer Tommy Pico are part of the cast and crew for the critically acclaimed coming-of-age comedy ‘Reservation Dogs’ (@RezDogsFXonHulu) following four Indigenous teens. The story includes both trans and LGBTQ+ representation as it follows the journey of the teens leaving Oklahoma. More from them.

SURVIVOR 41 PREMIERE FEATURES IMPORTANT GENDER-INCLUSIVITY DISCUSSION: With multiple LGBTQ+ contestants this season, the long-running show kicked off its 41st season with an open and honest discussion initiated by the show's longtime host and executive producer Jeff Probst about the simple ways to make Survivor more inclusive and welcoming. More from Out.

🕺 FRENCH ‘DWTS’ JUST GOT ITS FIRST-EVER SAME-SEX DANCING PARTNERS: France’s Danse avec les stars featured the first same-sex dance partners in its history. More from Out.

“SEX AND THE CITY” STAR WILLIE GARSON HAS DIED AT AGE 57: Garson, best know for his roles in “Sex and the City” and “White Collar,” had been battling pancreatic cancer and was surrounded by family at the time of his death. More from Washington Blade.


💍 SWITZERLAND TO VOTE ON SAME-SEX MARRIAGE IN UPCOMING REFERENDUM: On Sunday, the Alpine nation will vote on a referendum that would allow same-sex couples to marry and grant them the same rights as their married heterosexual counterparts. Recent polling suggests that a large majority of Swiss voters support changing the law. More from Reuters and France24.

ONE POLISH ‘LGBTQ FREE ZONE’ REVERSES STATUS AFTER EU THREATENS FUNDING: Under threat of losing European Union funding, the regional legislature in Southern Poland reversed course and voted Wednesday to revoke its 2019 anti-LGBTQ+ resolution which restricted pride parades and other LGBTQ+ friendly events from taking place. More from LA Blade.

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