#AM_Equality: September 16, 2021

by HRC staff

#AM_Equality: HRC premiers video featuring 12-year-old Adelyn, a Latinx transgender girl, sharing her struggles and joys living in South Texas

📽️ HRC PREMIERES VIDEO FEATURING 12-YEAR-OLD ADELYN, A LATINX TRANSGENDER GIRL, SHARING HER STRUGGLES AND JOYS LIVING IN SOUTH TEXAS: “Adelyn’s story should be a call to action for us all. Her own fears, as well as those movingly expressed by her mother and grandmother, about the hate and discrimination that Adelyn faces regularly underscores the dire need to pass the Equality Act and to ensure that non-discrimination protections apply to all LGBTQ+ people,” said HRC Interim President Joni Madison (she/her). “As we mark the first day of Latinx Heritage Month, it is important that we continue to lift up voices like Adelyn’s, celebrate the diversity of our movement, and work to build safer communities by making sure that our laws protect and support all of us. That includes Adelyn.” More from HRC and Latina.com.

LGBTQ+ ELDERS ENDURED DECADES OF DISCRIMINATION. NOW, THE STONEWALL GENERATION NEEDS HELP: In the face of COVID-19, a majority of LGBTQ+ seniors are struggling socially and financially. As Congress reconvenes, resources intended for LGBTQ+ seniors must be prioritized to create inclusive and comprehensive elder care for the Stonewall Generation. More from Yahoo.

JOHN SHELBY SPONG, LIBERAL EPISCOPAL BISHOP AND LGBTQ+ ADVOCATE, DIES AT 90: Rev. John Shelby Spong, a theologian and former bishop of the modern Episcopal Church who championed the inclusion of women and LGBTQ+ people in the clergy while promoting a non literal interpretation of scripture, died Sept. 12. More from The Washington Post.

WHY ARE LGBTQ+ YOUTH AVOIDING SPORTS IN SCHOOL? RESEARCH SHOWS FEAR OF DISCRIMINATION: The Trevor Project’s 2021 National Survey on LGBTQ Youth Mental Health revealed that an increasing number of LGBTQ+ youth are citing fear of discrimination as a reason not to participate in school sports. More from Forbes.


TEXAS IS PUSHING THE MOST ANTI-TRANS BILLS IN THE COUNTRY. ADVOCATES FEAR DEADLY CONSEQUENCES: Orion Rummler (@i_oriion) investigates the dangerous correlation between the number of anti-trans bills introduced in states and the skyrocketing number of trans homicides occurring in those states. More from 19th* News.

OPINION: PASS EQUALITY ACT, GIVE LGBTQ+ OHIOANS THE FUTURE THEY DESERVE: In a powerful op-ed, Emily Osterling, a former school teacher in Ohio, writes about the discrimination she has faced and why Ohioans need the Equality Act. More from Cincinnati.com.


🏈 THURSDAY, WASHINGTON FOOTBALL TEAM WILL BECOME FIRST EVER NFL TEAM TO HOST A PRIDE NIGHT: While MLB, NBA, NHL and MLS teams each routinely host an official Pride Night during their season, no NFL team has ever hosted one. But that’s changing Thursday, per Cyd Zeigler (@CydZeigler) and Kevin Majoros (@sportinindc). More from Outsports and Washington Blade.

HOW DEAR EVAN HANSEN’S BEN PLATT CAME TO EMBRACE BEING AN OUT MOVIE STAR: Daniel Reynolds (@dnlreynolds) profiles Ben Platt (@benSPLATT) on how he found his stride as an out movie star in the lead up to Dear Evan Hansen’s big-screen debut. More from Out.


‘IT’S BECOME THE “TWILIGHT ZONE” UP HERE’: RISE IN ANTI-LGBTQ+ ATTACKS UNSETTLE U.K. ADVOCATES: Since 2015, crimes based on sexual orientation and gender identity have increased almost every year according to government data from England, Wales and Scotland. Elizabeth Kuhr (@elizabeth_kuhr) explains how the LGBTQ+ community is reacting. More from NBC.


NEW ZEALAND BILL TO BAN LGBTQ CONVERSION PRACTICES RECEIVES RECORD 100,000 SUBMISSIONS: The New Zealand bill would make it an offense to perform conversion therapy on anyone under 18, with a potential sentence of up to five years’ imprisonment. More from Guardian.

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