#AM_Equality: October 15, 2021

by HRC Staff

#AM_Equality: HRC condemns Texas House passage of discriminatory anti-trans sports bill; LGBTQ+ youth in D.C. can receive free therapy

HRC CONDEMNS TEXAS HOUSE PASSAGE OF DISCRIMINATORY ANTI-TRANS SPORTS BILL: “Texas legislators seem to take pride in passing discriminatory bills without any concern for the impact on Texans and the state’s growing negative national reputation. This legislation and the debate around it have already had a negative real life impact on transgender youth, impacting mental health and perpetuating negative stereotypes and discrimination against them,” HRC Texas State Director Rebecca Marques (@_RebeccaMarques, she/her). “Transgender young people deserve the opportunity to play sports with their friends like any kid. Texas legislators are putting the second-largest LGBTQ+ population in the country at significant health and safety risk.” More from HRC and Advocate.

YOUNG LGBTQ+ PEOPLE IN D.C. CAN RECEIVE FREE THERAPY: This week, LGBTQ+ non-profit Supporting and Mentoring Youth Advocates and Leaders (@SMYALDMV) began providing free mental health counseling to young LGBTQ+ people in the DMV area at its Eastern Market location. More from The Washington Post.

🍻 THERE ARE ONLY 21 LESBIAN BARS LEFT IN AMERICA: After a difficult year-and-a-half, the number of lesbian bars in the U.S. has dwindled further. There are only 21 currently operating. More from The Lily.


MORE THAN 5,300 PENNSYLVANIANS DELIVER LETTERS TO SEN. PAT TOOMEY, URGING HIM TO VOTE TO PASS EQUALITY ACT: “As Pennsylvanians, we understand the importance of treating every person with dignity and respect. We know that everyone should have the liberty and freedom to realize their full potential. That can’t happen, however, until all of us are equal in the eyes of the law, regardless of our sexual orientation or gender identity,” said HRC Pennsylvania State Director Ryan Matthews (he/him). “Pennsylvania and the United States are ready for the Equality Act to become law. We hope that Senator Toomey will listen to the voices of his constituents and vote to approve the Equality Act when it comes to the Senate floor for a vote.” More from HRC.


AMERICA ONLY HAS ONE TRANS STATE SENATOR. LISA MIDDLETON WANTS TO CHANGE THAT: Earlier this month, Palm Springs Mayor Pro Tem and city council veteran Lisa Middleton announced that she is running for the California State Senate. If elected, Middleton would be the first openly trans state legislator in the state’s history and only the country’s second trans state senator. More from them.

TWENTY NON-PROFIT LEADERS PUSH EQUALITY ACT: Twenty Nebraska faith and non-profit leaders are urging Nebraska Senators Ben Sasse and Deb Fisher to support the Equality Act. More from News Channel Nebraska.


🥈 ‘NOW I KNOW WHAT THE LETTERS MEAN’: NETHERLANDS ATHLETE RAMSEY ANGELA TELLS HIS COMING OUT STORY: Dutch Olympic silver medalist Ramsey Angela (@rda.400mh) opens about his coming out story and shares the joys of embracing his LGBTQ+ identity as a world-class athlete. More from ESPN.


🍷 A NEW NATURAL WINE POP-UP IS CREATING SPACE FOR QUEER WINE LOVERS: Somebody’s Sister (@somebodyssistersf) is a new wine pop-up that plans to bring natural wine to the LGBTQ+ community in San Francisco. More from Eater.


ICYMI -- HRC GLOBAL WORKPLACE INITIATIVE EXPANDS TO ARGENTINA, BRAZIL: Yesterday, HRC announced the expansion of its Equidad Indices to include Argentina and Brazil. More from Washington Blade.

👑 DUTCH ROYALS WILL BE ALLOWED TO MARRY PARTNERS OF THE SAME SEX AND NOT LOSE SEAT ON THRONE: Earlier this week, Netherlands Prime Minister Mark Rutte announced that Crown Princess Catharina-Amalia, 17, and future royals could marry someone of the same sex without giving up rights to the crown. More from Reuters and USA Today.

LGBTQ+ VENEZUELAN MIGRANTS STRUGGLE TO SURVIVE IN COLOMBIA: Since November 2020, an estimated 5.4 million Venezuelan migrants have fled their homeland to escape violence and an ongoing political and economic crisis. Venezuelan migrants who are LGBTQ+ and/or living with HIV remain disproportionately vulnerable to discrimination and violence and often lack access to health care and formal employment. More from Los Angeles Blade.

RIGHTS GROUP URGES KUWAIT TO OVERTURN TRANSGENDER WOMAN’S UNJUST CONVICTION: Yesterday, Human Rights Watch called for a Kuwaiti court to overturn a conviction against a transgender Kuwaiti woman. She was sentenced earlier month to two years in prison for “imitating the opposite sex” online and to amend a law that allows such prosecutions. More from Reuters.

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