#AM_Equality: October 11, 2021

by HRC Staff

#AM_Equality: HRC celebrates National Coming Out Day with ‘Born to Shine’ message; Orlando hosted National Trans Visibility March on Saturday

🏳️‍🌈 HRC CELEBRATES NATIONAL COMING OUT DAY AND THE IMPACT OF AFFIRMING ONLINE COMMUNITIES: “National Coming Out Day exists to promote a safe, inclusive and loving world where LGBTQ+ people can live truthfully, openly and without fear,” said HRC Interim President Joni Madison (she/her). “As the internet has become an integral part of our lives, it often holds a critical role in the coming out process, especially for LGBTQ+ youth who can receive affirming support and grow into themselves in online spaces without judgment. It is absolutely critical to practice internet safety and put you or your child’s mental health first, but engaging with welcoming LGBTQ+ online spaces can show us we are worthy of respect and celebration. Coming out is still so powerful -- our stories, our identities and our experiences give us collective strength.” More from NBC News NOW and HRC.

HERE’S EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT NATIONAL COMING OUT DAY: HRC has chosen an annual theme surrounding the event for the past 15 years. The earliest theme was set in 1999, titled “Come Out To Congress.” This year’s theme is “Born to Shine.” More from NBC NOW, People and HRC’s National Coming Out Day Guide.

👑 THIS TRANSGENDER TEEN WAS CROWNED HOMECOMING QUEEN: ‘I’M THE FIRST, BUT I HOPE I’M NOT THE LAST’: Evan Bialosuknia (@evanbialosukniaa) was crowned Homecoming Queen at her Florida high school after coming out as transgender. More from The Lily.


TEXAS REPUBLICANS TARGET TRANS TEENS IN SPORTS: Adelyn Vigil is a Texas teenager that wants to play sports, but Texas Republicans are targeting her and other trans students in the legislature. Last month, HRC shared Adelyn’s story in a video about her struggles and joys living in South Texas. More from Teen Vogue.

🏳️‍⚧️ ORLANDO HOSTED NATIONAL TRANS VISIBILITY MARCH ON SATURDAY: “There are more anti-trans bills, policies and more anti-trans legislation being put forward than ever in the history of our country,” said HRC Director of Community Engagement for the Transgender Justice Initiative Tori Cooper (@MsToriCooper1, she/her). “So I quote Charles Dickens in saying it was both the best of times and the worst of times and that is true.” More from WMFE Radio.

HRC CALLS ON NORTH CAROLINA LT. GOVERNOR MARK ROBINSON TO RESIGN OVER ANTI-LGBTQ+ COMMENTS: “This is not the first time Robinson has shared his discriminatory views, but it should be the last time he gets away with it as an elected leader,” said HRC Interim President Joni Madison (she/her). “North Carolinians deserve better than these dehumanizing comments. This incident only reaffirms the serious need for comprehensive non-discrimination protections that would outlaw discrimination and make North Carolina a safer place for LGBTQ+ people to live.” More from CBS, The Guardian and HRC.

🚓 NEW JERSEY COUNTY PILOTS PROGRAM FOR LGBTQ+ COMMUNITY: Acting Monmouth County Prosecutor Lori Linskey introduced the program to assign liaisons to members of the LGBTQ+ community to chip away at decades of distrust between them and law enforcement. More from Associated Press.

⛪ MEET THE MINISTER FIGHTING ANTI-TRANSGENDER BILLS IN TEXAS: Rev. Remington Johnson (@ReverendRem) is a Presbyterian clergywoman and activist within the trans community. Last week, Rev. Johnson testified in Texas against anti-trans bills and to spread a message of love and hope, sharing that “trans kids are magical.” More from NBC News.


🎬 QUEENS MARCHED DRAG ACTIVISM TO SELMA AND BEYOND ON ‘WE’RE HERE’ SEASON 2: Drag queen Shangela (@itsshangela) was joined by Bob the Drag Queen (@thatonequeen) and Eureka! (@eurekaohara) for season 2 of the HBO series, ‘We’re Here.’ In season two, the queens headed to The South to talk about activism and the fight for LGBTQ+ equality. More from Entertainment Weekly.

🎃 GOTTMIK OF DRAG RACE SHINES ON HALLOWEEN, FINDS INSPIRATION IN PINHEAD: Drag queen Gottmilk (@gottmik) spills the tea on an upcoming show and Halloween costume inspiration. More from USA Today.


⚖️ SOUTH KOREAN COURT RULES DISCHARGE OF LATE TRANSGENDER SOLDIER UNJUST: A South Korean court ruled Thursday that the military unlawfully discriminated against the country’s first openly transgender soldier by discharging her for undergoing gender-affirming surgery, in a landmark verdict that came seven months after she was found dead at her home. More from The Washington Post.

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