#AM_Equality: May 24, 2021

by HRC Staff

#AM_Equality: HRC celebrates Pansexual Visibility Day 💗💛💙; HRC on the ground in Tennessee

💗💛💙 HRC CELEBRATES PANSEXUAL VISIBILITY DAY: Today we celebrate Pansexual Visibility Day. To all our pan siblings: You are valued. You are loved. More from HRC.

HRC MOURNS OLIVER “OLLIE” TAYLOR, WHITE TRANSGENDER TEEN KILLED IN OREGON: HRC is deeply saddened to learn of the death of Oliver “Ollie” Taylor, a 17-year-old white trans boy, who died on May 19 after being kidnapped and shot on May 12 in Gervais, Oregon. “We continue to receive reports of transgender and non-binary people who have been killed so far this year, and the level of violence that we’re seeing is horrible and unacceptable,” HRC Director of Community Engagement for the Transgender Justice Initiative Tori Cooper (@MsToriCooper1, she/her). “Oliver was just at the beginning of his life, a life that never should have been cut short. This is a tragic loss for Oliver’s friends, family and community. This violence must cease.” More from HRC.

FOR TIME MAGAZINE, WHEELING WV CITY COUNCIL MEMBER ROSEMARY KETCHUM PENS POWERFUL OP-ED ON EQUALITY ACT :Ketchum writes, “I’m especially reminded of that moral imperative for elected officials now, on Harvey Milk Day. It’s the question that lies ahead of Sen. Manchin, Sen. Capito and every U.S. senator: How long will LGBTQ people have to wait for equal justice under the law? It’s time for action–and it’s time for the Equality Act.” . More from TIME.

🌈 VIZZY HARD SELTZER RELEASES PRIDE PACK SUPPORTING LGBTQ COMMUNITY: Vizzy Hard Seltzer will release a limited-edition Pride Pack to support the LGBTQ community this Pride Month. The Pride Pack will feature 12 cans of Vizzy’s new flavor, papaya passionfruit. More from Pennlive.



THESE TRANS KIDS ARE TRYING TO SURVIVE TENNESSEE’S ‘SLATE OF HATE’: In its current legislative session, Tennessee has enacted the highest number of discriminatory bills -- 5 out of a total 12 anti-LGBTQ bills (only Texas filed more bills in its legislative session). HRC called Tennessee’s bills “the slate of hate.” While businesses and public opinion have remained opposed to such legislation, Republican-controlled state legislatures have continued to introduce and pass such bills. More from The Washington Post, The Daily Beast and Fox17.


🌹 ‘BACHELORETTE AUSTRALIA’ CASTS FIRST INDIGENOUS AND OPENLY BISEXUAL LEAD BROOKE BLURTON: The Australian version of “‘The Bachelorette” is making history by casting the first openly bisexual and Indigenous woman to lead the show. Brooke Blurton (@brooke.blurton) will star in the show’s 2021 season with men and women competing. More from Cosmopolitan.

🛠 TRIXIE MATTEL ANNOUNCES SHE’S GETTING HER OWN TV SHOW, ‘TRIXIE MOTEL’: Starting next year, Trixie Mattel (@trixiemattel) will have her own show where she will work with friends to create “the glossiest Drag motel of your wildest fever dreams!” More from Out.


VIETNAM’S FIRST OPENLY GAY CANDIDATE SEEKS CHANGE WITH PARLIAMENT RUN: Luong The Huy is hoping to make history as Vietnam’s first openly LGBTQ candidate running for Vietnam’s National Assembly as one of nine independent candidates. More from International Business Times.

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