#AM_Equality: March 3, 2021

by HRC Staff

Montana Senate passes anti-LGBTQ bills; 2,800+ parents of trans, non-binary & gender-expansive kids send letter thanking Rep. Newman

MONTANA SENATE PASSES ANTI-TRANS BIRTH CERTIFICATE GENDER MARKER & ANTI-LGBTQ RELIGIOUS REFUSAL BILLS: The Montana Senate passed anti-transgender bill SB 280, which would severely restrict the ability of transgender Montanans to correct the gender marker on their birth certificate, jeopardizing their safety and well-being. The Senate also passed anti-LGBTQ Senate Bill 215, which could allow anyone who claims a religious exemption the right to discriminate against LGBTQ Montanans and visitors. The bills now head to the House for consideration. The legislature is passing these bills before it has seriously considered legislation to address the COVID-19 pandemic or provide economic relief.

OVER 2,800 PARENTS OF TRANSGENDER, NON-BINARY AND GENDER-EXPANSIVE YOUTH SEND LETTER THANKING CONGRESSWOMAN MARIE NEWMAN: “As fellow parents of transgender, non-binary and gender-expansive youth, we want to thank you for publicly representing our pride in and love for our children,” reads the letter. “Transgender youth are remarkable, honest, courageous, resilient and deserving of the chance to live a full and authentic life. When you stood on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives and said ‘I’m voting yes on the Equality Act for Evie Newman, my daughter and the strongest, bravest person I know,’ we felt your words deeply.” More from HRC.

HRC APPLAUDS THE AMERICAN PSYCHOLOGICAL ASSOCIATION FOR AFFIRMING GENDER IDENTITY: The resolution adopted by the APA opposes efforts to reject or attempt to change a person’s true gender identity, citing research that conveys those actions as harmful. Said HRC President Alphonso David, “The consensus from the American Psychological Association further reinforces that we must rely on transgender people and their health care providers to determine treatment for gender affirming care in accordance with current medical best practices—this is not the place for politicians. It is incredibly dangerous when strangers can legislate personal health care decisions.” More from HRC.

WHAT WE’RE READING WEDNESDAY -- HRC PRESIDENT ALPHONSO DAVID AND GILEAD SCIENCES INC. VICE PRESIDENT OF ADVANCING BLACK EQUITY AND COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT DOUGLAS BROOKS CO-AUTHOR OP-ED IN PLUS: “As Black gay men who have dedicated our lives to promoting equity and equality in the fight against HIV, the impact of this new global health crisis is hauntingly familiar. To save lives, we will need urgent, collaborative action to address the systemic forces of oppression that are driving these injustices,” write David (@AlphonsoDavid) and Brooks. Read the full op-ed here.

HRC PRESIDENT ALPHONSO DAVID JOINED ACTRESS & ADVOCATE ANGELICA ROSS (@angelicaross) AND POP ARTIVIST MILA JAM (@themilajam) IN A CONVERSATION ON INTERSECTIONALITY: “We have to be radical. Why? Because we have to take a step back and redefine the paradigm. The existing paradigm doesn’t work. We can’t go back to the status quo before Donald Trump because that wasn’t working either,” said David. “I am seeing a radical shift in how people are looking at issues as it relates to our community -- meaning that, when I took over the Human Rights Campaign, I said we have to focus on people that are multiply marginalized. We have identities -- I’m Black, I’m gay, I’m an immigrant -- all three of those identities have been oppressed in those countries. So we have to look at people that are multiply marginalized because that is the only way we get to liberation.” Watch the full conversation from Channel Q.

DEL. STATE SENATOR SARAH MCBRIDE ON HER ROLE AS A LEGISLATOR AND HOW THE FIGHT FOR LGBTQ RIGHTS HAS CHANGED: “In order to drive and foster social change, you’ve got to start by meeting people where they are, in an accessible way that challenges them, but still with a language that resonates with them,” said Senator McBride (@SarahEMcBride). More from Rolling Stone.

SOCIAL MEDIA HARMS LGBTQ LIVES BY COWING TO RIGHT-WING LIES: “Rep. Newman is a champion for transgender people and all Americans,” writes Elliott Kozuch (@ElliottKozuch). “Her efforts to have her video reposted sends a message that she will not back down in her support of transgender Americans like her daughter. We need more lawmakers to do the same.” More from The Advocate.

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