#AM_Equality: March 19, 2021

by HRC Staff

#AM_Equality: HRC statement in support of Asian American community; Xavier Becerra confirmed as HHS Secretary

HUMAN RIGHTS CAMPAIGN STATEMENT IN SUPPORT OF AAPI COMMUNITY: “As a result of a full year of attacks from the Oval Office during Trump’s administration, the Asian-American community has been experiencing discrimination, physical assault and verbal harassment at historically high rates,” said HRC President Alphonso David. “For Asian and Pacific Islander communities who hold multiple marginalized identities, discrimination and its consequences can be even more severe. We cannot and should not be silent or stand by. It bears repeating: Centering anti-racism and the defeat of white supremacy is the only way we will achieve full equality for marginalized people.” More from HRC.

XAVIER BECERRA CONFIRMED AS HEALTH & HUMAN SERVICES SECRETARY: Said HRC President Alphonso David, “Congratulations to Xavier Becerra on his historic confirmation. Becerra, an advocate for underserved communities, is the passionate leader that we need to combat the global pandemic. I look forward to seeing the impact of his work as Secretary of Health and Human Services.” More from NPR.

SECOND ANNUAL HRC WOMEN LEAD SUMMIT COMMEMORATES POWERFUL WOMEN: “We are working to help get pro-equality women elected, to build leaders in our movement and to grow a community of women who are championing equality across the country,” said HRC Women LEAD Co-Founder Cassandra Corey. “Together, we have more power to mobilize, unite for change and make justice real for all of us.” More from HRC.

HRC WORKS TO DEFEAT TENNESSEE’S SLATE OF HATE: “As state lawmakers across the country sprint to provide economic recovery to families struggling through the COVID-19 pandemic, Tennessee lawmakers continue to focus on a remarkable amount of legislation, known as the Slate of Hate, which would cancel equality for the LGBTQ community” said HRC Associate Regional Campaign Director Melodía Gutiérrez. More from HRC.

JIM OBERGEFELL: “WE STILL DON’T ENJOY TRUE MARRIAGE EQUALITY”: “Yes, marriage was this enormous step forward, this great thing that we now have. But even back then, we weren’t equal in so many other ways,” says Jim Obergefell (@JimObergefell), the plaintiff at the heart of the Obergefell v. Hodges case. More from Advocate.

SE TRIPLICAN LAS SOLICITUDES DE ASILO DE LGBTQ (THE NUMBER OF LGBTQ ASYLUM APPLICATIONS TRIPLES): Según un reporte, las solicitudes de asilo en EEUU por parte de personas de la comunidad LGBTQ se triplicó en los últimos años. Más de EFE.


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