#AM_Equality: June 30, 2020

by HRC Staff

NYPD attacks peaceful Pride demonstrators; MS Governor must sign bill to remove racist imagery from state flag

NYPD ATTACKS PEACEFUL DEMONSTRATORS ON 51ST ANNIVERSARY OF STONEWALL PROTEST: This is unacceptable. The NYPD’s show of force against peaceful demonstrators is even more egregious considering the Queer Liberation March was celebrating 51 years since Stonewall, which began in protest of police violence against the LGBTQ community. More from NBC.

MISSISSIPPI GOVERNOR MUST SIGN BILL TO REMOVE CONFEDERATE BATTLE EMBLEM FROM STATE FLAG: The Mississippi House voted 91 in favor and 23 opposed. The vote in the Senate was 37-14. “The Confederate emblem is divisive, rooted in prejudice and it’s time that this longstanding symbol of white supremacy and racial violence is removed from Mississippi’s flag -- the last state to feature the Confederate battle emblem as part of its state flag,” said HRC President Alphonso David (@AlphonsoDavid). “For 126 years, Mississippi had a symbol that promoted white supremacy and openly oppressed Black Mississippians, who make up nearly 40% of the population… We call on Mississippi Gov. Tate Reeves to sign the bill and remove the Confederate symbol from the flag now. The entire nation is watching.” More from HRC.


TUESDAY TWEET -- BLACK TRANS TEEN WRITES ABOUT RESILIENCE AS A SUPER POWER IN TEEN VOGUE: “I know staying home is saving lives but I am becoming sad and bored. And over the past few weeks, as I watch as people around the country and the world march against racism and police brutality, I’ve added scared to that list. Even after things open again, I am scared that Black trans girls like me are going to be even more afraid and that we will not receive the safety and support that we deserve,” writes Rillei, a 14-year-old Black trans girl in Teen Vogue. “But even so, when the country opens again, I still want to go to future Pride events and to start my new high school in the fall. I am used to challenges and I am getting good at meeting them because I am resilient.” Read the full piece here.

ICYMI -- THE HISTORY OF HIV AND AIDS, LGBTQ INCLUSION AND THE CATHOLIC CHURCH: Award-winning journalist Michael O’Loughlin (@MikeOLoughlin) joined HRC Religion and Faith Director, Michael Vazquez (@mvsebastian), for a one-on-one interview about the Catholic Church’s complicated history with HIV and AIDS, the work for LGBTQ inclusion within the Catholic Church today and what may be possible in the future. Watch here.


LET THE SUPREME COURT’S TITLE VII DECISION BE A REMINDER TO STATES TO PASS LGBTQ-INCLUSIVE NON-DISCRIMINATION LAWS: “The state legislature could end the debate immediately, though, by passing legislation to include sexual orientation and gender identity in the commonwealth’s nondiscrimination law, the Pennsylvania Human Relations Act. That bill has languished for years, held up by committee chairs and legislative leaders who have been woefully behind the times and their own constituents. Polls consistently show that at least 70% of Pennsylvanians support a ban on discrimination against LGBTQ people.” More from Philadelphia Inquirer.

PRESS CONFERENCE TODAY AT 11 A.M. CT IN TEXAS: This morning, progressive allies are joining together to support Sara Stapleton-Barrera in her South Texas Senate Democratic Primary, where she is facing an anti-LGBTQ, anti-choice opponent. To join, contact lucas.acosta@hrc.org

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IN TRUE HAIRSPRAY FASHION, ACTOR NIKKI BLONSKY COMES OUT AS GAY BY LIPSYNCING ON TIKTOK: Blonsky (@NikkiBlonsky) starred as Tracy Turnblad in the 2007 adaptation of Hairspray. More from Pink News.


Hi, it’s Nikki Blonsky from the movie I’m Gay! ##pride ##imcomingout ##hairspray

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ANTI-LGBTQ POLISH PRESIDENT HEADS INTO RUNOFF ELECTION WITH EQUAL POLLING TO PRO-LGBTQ CONTENDER: HRC condemned Duda’s last-ditch effort to shore up anti-LGBTQ sentiment with a visit to Donald Trump last week. More from BBC.

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