#AM_Equality: June 24, 2021

by HRC Staff

#AM_Equality: HRC calls for equality on Title IX anniversary; the power of visibility for LGBTQ Latinx people

HRC RENEWS CALLS FOR LGBTQ EQUALITY ON TITLE IX ANNIVERSARY: “Forty-nine years ago, the enactment of Title IX advanced a core tenet of our nation’s values by determining that ‘no person in the United States shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any educational program or activity receiving Federal financial assistance,” said HRC President Alphonso David (@AlphonsoDavid, he/him). “Without this groundbreaking law, vulnerable populations across the country -- including women and LGBTQ people -- would be shut out of opportunities that allow them to learn and thrive in an environment free from discrimination.” More from HRC.

HRC PRESIDENT ON THE POWER OF VISIBILITY FOR LATINX LGBTQ PEOPLE: In an interview with Univision News (@UnivisionNews), HRC President Alphonso David discussed a new music video collaboration with Poder, as well as the power and importance of shaping media to include the representation of Latinx LGBTQ people. More from Univision News.

WHO IS MAKING LGBTQ HISTORY RIGHT NOW: GMA INSPIRATION LIST 2021: HRC President Alphonso David nominated HRC Youth Ambassador Nakiya Lynch for the ‘GMA 2021 Inspiration List.’ David wrote, “Without a doubt, the world is made better by Nakiya. They are changing lives simply by bringing warmth, understanding and innovation to their work with foster youth, and by inspiring people to do more for others and to simply be better people. Thank you, Nakiya, for being you.” More from GMA.

THE DOCTOR’S OFFICE ISN’T ALWAYS A SAFE SPACE FOR LGBTQ PEOPLE: A 2017 survey by the Center for American Progress found that LGBTQ people were “more likely to postpone both preventative and needed medical care to avoid experiencing discrimination.” The article includes a helpful guide on how to advocate for yourself at the doctor’s office as an LGBTQ person. More from Women’s Health.

HOW TO FIND A THERAPIST THAT FOCUSES ON LGBTQ MENTAL HEALTH: Jesse Kahn, the director of The Gender & Sexuality Therapy Center, offers questions to consider when researching a potential therapist. Some of these questions include whether their website is inclusive, whether their forms are inclusive and if they seem comfortable talking about gender, sexuality and other related topics. More from HuffPost.

LGBTQ GROUPS SAY ‘AMERICA IS READY’ FOR THE EQUALITY ACT: “America is ready for the Equality Act, and after the onslaught of anti-LGBTQ attacks in the states this year, it's clear our LGBTQ friends, family members and neighbors need protections from discrimination now as much as ever,” said Kasey Suffredini (@KaseySuffredini), CEO and National Campaign Director for Freedom for All Americans. More from American Independent.



🥇 LGBTQ TRACK STAR SHA’CARRI RICHARDSON LIGHTS UP THE INTERNET WITH OLYMPIC TRIAL PERFORMANCE: With incredible speed and a record-breaking time, Olympic Trials standout Sha’Carri Richardson (@itskerrii) has qualified for the Tokyo Games and became an internet sensation in the process. More from LGBTQ Nation.

JAPANESE SOCCER STAR KUMI YOKOYAMA COMES OUT AS TRANSGENDER: In an interview, Washinton Spirit forward Kumi Yokoyama (@yoko10_official) came out as transgender. They are one of the most high-profile individuals in Japanese sports to come out as transgender. More from Sports Illustrated.

🌈⚽ HUNGARY GETS RAINBOW FLAG RECEPTION IN MUNICH: While the UEFA declined the city of Munich’s application to illuminate the stadium for a match between Germany and Hungary, the decision didn’t stop pro-equality German fans from showing up in droves with rainbow flags to protest anti-trans policies in Hungary. More from Associated Press.

‘SESAME STREET’ FEATURES LGBTQ PARENTS FOR FIRST TIME IN 51-YEAR HISTORY: On an episode that aired last week called “Family Day,” ‘Sesame Street’ made history featuring a family with two dads and their daughter for the first time. More from NBC News.

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