#AM_Equality: June 11, 2021

by HRC Staff

#AM_Equality: U.S. Senate passes bill designating Pulse as a national memorial; 1 in 5 Gen Z young adults identify as LGBTQ

SENATE PASSES BILL DESIGNATING PULSE AS A NATIONAL MEMORIAL: In a bipartisan vote, a bill that designates the former Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida a national memorial was passed by unanimous vote in the U.S. Senate Wednesday. More from Washington Blade.

HRC PRESIDENT ALPHONSO DAVID ON LGBTQ EQUALITY AND PRIDE 2021: In an interview with Andy Serwer (@Serwer), HRC President Alphonso David (@AlphonsoDavid, he/him) discussed the ongoing fight for LGBTQ protections, celebrating Pride in 2021 and the road to creating a more equitable America for all. More from Yahoo! Finance.

NEARLY 1 IN 5 YOUNG ADULTS SAY THEY’RE NOT STRAIGHT, GLOBAL SURVEY FINDS: A recent Ipsos survey, conducted in 27 countries, found that nearly 1 in 5 young adults does not identify as straight. There were 19,000 respondents ranging in age from 16-74, and of those from Generation Z (born after 1997), about 4% identify as transgender, non-binary, gender non-conforming, genderfluid or another way. More from NBC and HRC.

🏆 CHAMPIONS OF PRIDE 2021 FROM THE RUGGED WEST: In an article featuring LGBTQ pioneers from the non-coastal western states, HRC Board of Directors member Bruce Bastain was featured for his philanthropic work in Utah. Additionally, HRC Youth Ambassador Ash Silcott was recognized for the work they are doing to promote equality in Wyoming. More from Advocate.

EXPERTS CONCERNED ABOUT VIOLENCE AFTER PASSAGE OF ANTI-TRANS BILLS: With a rise in both anti-trans violence and anti-trans legislation, experts are concerned about the violence targeted at trans people and the wider LGBTQ community. More from American Independent.

THE CRUSADE AGAINST TRANSGENDER RIGHTS -- IN FLORIDA AND ACROSS THE COUNTRY -- IS ANTI-GOD: In an opinion piece, Serene Jones (@SereneJones) implores readers to understand that “this crusade is the product of a coordinated push from conservative faith groups and religious leaders to crush transgender rights. They have a misguided belief that identifying by a gender that differs from one’s biological sex is against the word of God.” More from Miami Herald.


NEW YORK IS TRYING TO MAKE IT EASIER FOR TRANS PEOPLE TO CHANGE THEIR LEGAL GENDER: The Gender Recognition Act, introduced by State Senator Brad Hoylman and Assembly Member Daniel O’Donnell, would no longer require trans people to publicize their name change. In addition, the act proposes an “X” option on driver’s licenses. More from them.

NEWLY-ELECTED TRANS STATE LAWMAKERS REFLECT ON RECORD YEAR OF ANTI-TRANS BILLS: “On a day-to-day basis I’m not thinking about my identity in any particular sense. I’m thinking about what experiences as a whole do I bring to the table,” said Delaware State Sen. Sarah McBride (@SarahEMcBride), the county’s first openly trans state senator. “What experiences in the community that I represent -- in the first Senate District -- am I bringing to the table?” More from 19th News.

BUFFALO GROVE HOSTED A PRIDE CELEBRATION EVEN BIGGER THAN LAST: HRC Youth Ambassador Molly Pinta started Buffalo Grove’s first-ever Pride celebration three years ago. The parade crowd exceeded that of last year’s and is expected to grow in the coming years. More from NBC Chicago.




IN-PERSON PRIDE EVENTS TO TAKE PLACE AROUND THE WORLD: From Mexico to Jordan, many countries around the world are able to celebrate with in-person Pride events this year. More from Washington Blade.

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