#AM_Equality: June 1, 2021

by HRC Staff

#AM_Equality: HRC celebrates the start of Pride Month; HRC and Showtime launch second year of Queer To Stay


HRC AND SHOWTIME® LAUNCH SECOND YEAR OF QUEER TO STAY: “Entering the second year of living in a public health crisis has only amplified the need to support LGBTQ businesses and community spaces, which are critical safe havens for LGBTQ people, particularly queer youth, to fully express themselves,” said HRC President Alphonso David (@AlphonsoDavid, he/him). “The LGBTQ community is proven to be disproportionately impacted in almost all facets of society, compounding the importance of preserving and celebrating LGBTQ spaces. We are excited to collaborate with SHOWTIME again to uplift LGBTQ businesses across the country.” More from HRC.

🩺 “KEEPS ME UP AT NIGHT”: DOCTORS WHO CARE FOR TRANSGENDER MINORS BRACE FOR BANS: Medical professionals and advocates alike worry about potential bans to providing gender affirming care to transgender youth. With states including Arkansas and Tennessee banning life-saving access to care, this is an issue weighing heavily on trans youth, medical professionals and advocates. More from NBC.

🎧 ABC NEWS LAUNCHES FIRST LGBTQ ISSUE-FOCUSED PODCAST: ABC News contributor and ESPN Radio host LZ Granderson (@LZGranderson) will host a new podcast series, launching June 1st, that spotlights LGBTQ individuals and their experiences. “I’m passionate about creating a space to capture these underreported stories and untold oral histories, while also celebrating the joys of living ‘life out loud’ and where we’re going as a community,” Granderson said. More from Variety.

KAY LAHUSEN, LGBTQ EQUAL RIGHTS PIONEER, HAS DIED AT 91: Kay Lahusen was one of the first openly LGBTQ photojournalists, an author and a beloved friend and partner. She was a passionate activist and continued working passionately throughout her life. More from Los Angeles Blade and Advocate.

LGBTQ GEN ZERS FIND A ‘SAFE HAVEN’ IN THE DIGITAL WORLD: Many LGBTQ youth have looked to Tumblr as a safe platform to share their mental health concerns and experiences. “With 1 in 3 of Tumblr’s Gen Z users identifying as LGBTQIA+, more than double the national average, we work to create a platform that welcomes conversations around mental health while providing resources that some may otherwise not have access to,” said Chinelo Nwosu, Tumblr’s head of social impact. More from The Hill.


LOUISIANA STATE LEGISLATURE SENDS ANTI-TRANS SPORTS BILL TO GOV. EDWARDS’ DESK: “The advancement of this discriminatory bill is shameful and sends a harmful message to LGBTQ youth. Tragically, this bill is just the latest in a wave of attacks on trans and non-binary people in Louisiana and across the nation,” said HRC President Alphonso David (he/him). “I hope Gov. John Bel Edwards keeps his word and vetoes this terrible legislation.” More from HRC.

THE STATE OF SEX EDUCATION IN THE UNITED STATES ISN’T LOOKING GOOD, ACCORDING TO A NEW REPORT: Despite lawmakers’ efforts to restrict LGBTQ-inclusive sex education, a new report by URGE found that a vast majority of parents support including sexual orientation within sex education curriculum as early as high school. This information comes from a report calling for LGBTQ-inclusive sex ed throughout the U.S. More from US News & World Report and The Hill.


👑 ‘DRAG RACE ESPAÑA’ GIVES US FIRST LOOK: The first episode of Drag Race España (@DragRaceEs) aired yesterday, after releasing a special Meet the Queens video which is a staple for the Drag Race series. More from Out.



¿CUÁLES SON LOS MEJORES ESPACIOS LABORALES PARA COLABORADORES LGBTI+ EN CHILE?: La semana pasada, los resultados de la tercera versión de Equidad CL, el Programa Global de Equidad Laboral de Human Rights Campaign y Fundación Iguales, determinó 28 organizaciones como los mejores espacios laborales para recibir a la comunidad de LGBTI+. Más de La Tercera.

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