#AM_Equality: July 9. 2021

by HRC Staff

#AM_Equality: The state of LGBTQ rights at the end of the SCOTUS term; the movement to provide housing for trans folks in the American South

⚖ AT END OF SCOTUS TERM, WHERE ARE WE ON LGBTQ RIGHTS?: In a summary of where LGBTQ issues are at with the SCOTUS term coming to a close, James Esseks (@JamesEsseks) looks into the ramifications of cases including Fulton v. Philadelphia and Arlene’s Flowers v. Washington State. More from Advocate.

📚 NEW ACT UP BOOK ‘HELPS FUTURE ACTIVISTS LEARN FROM THE PAST’: The new 700-page book ‘Let the Record Show: A Political History of ACT UP New York, 1987-1993’ by Sarah Schulman (@sarahschulman3) is a powerful tool to help future activists learn from the past to create change for the future. More from Washington Blade.

DISCRIMINATION RELATED TO DETERIORATION OF CARDIAC HEALTH IN TRANSGENDER & GENDER-DIVERSE ADULTS: “To address these issues, we need to focus on the ‘traditional’ risk factors for heart attacks and strokes and promise to fight transphobia to reduce the additional stress experienced by this population,” said Carl G. Streed, Jr., MD, MPH. More from Florida News Times.

LOCKED UP IN THE LAND OF LIBERTY: Washington Blade contributor Yariel Valdés González shared his harrowing story about spending 11 months in ICE custody as a gay man after fleeing his home in Cuba. More from Washington Blade.


🏠 ACROSS THE SOUTH, A TRANS HOUSING MOVEMENT GROWS: While one in five transgender Americans has experienced homelessness in their lifetime, there is a growing movement across the American South to provide housing for transgender folks. Organizations working to combat trans homelessness include My Sistah’s House in Memphis, Trans Housing Coalition and Trans Housing Atlanta Project in Atlanta and House of Tulip in New Orleans. More from Vogue.

A COURT IS FORCING THESE FORMER CONVERSION THERAPISTS TO PAY MILLIONS OVER ‘EX-GAY’ ABUSE: On Tuesday, a New Jersey court upheld a historic fine against a conversion therapy center forced to shut down after former patients filed a lawsuit alleging widespread abuse. More from them.


👑 LEHLOGONOLO MACHABA IS FIRST OPENLY TRANSGENDER MISS SOUTH AFRICA CONTESTANT, SAYS: ‘DREAM BEYOND YOUR IMAGINATION’: “Through the Miss South Africa platform, I’d be able to advocate for the LGBTQIA community and, more specifically, queer-identifying women,” said Lehlogonolo Machaba (@De_Lehlogonolo). “I would use this opportunity to empower every marginalised person and become a beacon of hope for young girls out there regardless of whatever they think hinders them from attaining whatever goal they have.” More from News 24.

EMMA CORRIN SUPPORTS TRANS-OWNED BUSINESS WITH INTIMATE BINDER PHOTOS: The Crown star Emma Corrin (@emmalouisecorrin) uploaded photos to social media sharing their first experience buying and wearing binders and embracing she/they pronouns. More from them.

🎵 POSE STAR DYLLÓN BURNSIDE ON HOW HIS ‘EXPERIENCES WITH QUEER LOVE’ INSPIRED NEW SINGLE: “I grew up in the church and I grew up hearing a lot of disparaging remarks about queer people in the community; being told that LGBTQ+ people would be damned to hell. I carried that with me for so long and I came to the realisation that my life has been the exact opposite of what everyone said would be the case,” said Dyllón Burnside (@dyllonburnside). More from Gay Times.

🏇 PARTNERS GAL AND MINDERHOUD TO COMPETE ON SAME OLYMPIC TEAM: Couple Edward Gal (@edward_gal) and Hans Peter Minderhoud (@MinderhoudHP) are representing the Netherlands in equestrian sports at the Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo. “Competitions are a way of life and it is so much fun if you are with someone who precisely understands that and knows what you are doing, dedicating all your time to horses,” Minderhoud said. More from Outsports.



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