#AM_Equality: July 7, 2021

by HRC Staff

#AM_Equality: HRC President Alphonso David publishes op-ed on Corporate Equality Index; study finds LGBTQ homeowners trend young and urban

HRC’S CORPORATE EQUALITY INDEX NOT A DEFENSE FOR DONATIONS TO ANTI-EQUALITY POLITICIANS: “Companies must also reckon honestly with how their donations to politicians who back anti-LGBTQ bills squares with their commitments to our community. The CEI cannot and should not be used as a shield to defend those actions,” said HRC President Alphonso David (@AlphonsoDavid, he/him). “Diversity and inclusion policies and practices advanced through tools like the CEI are critical -- but meaningful change requires more. It requires breathing life into these policies and practices in real and tangible ways -- and owning up to other business practices that fall short of commitments to equality.” More from Advocate.

🏡 WHY LGBTQ HOMEOWNERS ARE TRENDING YOUNGER, MORE URBAN AND IN SMALLER HOMES: New data from Zillow found that the homeownership median age for LGBTQ people is 44, compared to the median of 59 for cisgender and heterosexual people. The study suggests that LGBTQ homeowners studied may disproportionately experience affordability challenges. More from NBC and Zillow.

HOW TRANSGENDER AND NON-BINARY CREATORS ARE USING TIKTOK TO INFORM, EDUCATE: Trans and non-binary TikTok influencers are using their platforms to inform and educate folks on the importance of LGBTQ advocacy. Some notable trans and non-binary TikTok influencers doing this include HRC Youth Ambassador Ve’ondre Mitchell (@veondre), Mother Victory (@mother_victory) and Jade Marie Eichelberger (@jadeexbadu). More from Today.


🩺 OHIO WILL NOW ALLOW DOCTORS TO REFUSE TREATMENT BASED ON THE PROVIDER’S PERSONAL BELIEFS, INCLUDING TO LGBTQ PATIENTS: Governor DeWine signed a state budget that included a late addition of a provision that allows health care workers, hospitals, and health insurance companies to refuse to provide or pay for medical services on the basis of moral, ethical, or religious objection. Governor DeWine had the opportunity to line-item veto the provision while signing the rest of the budget into law, but refused to do so. More from them.

‘ACE DAD’ IS A CONNECTICUT MAN PROVIDING WISDOM AND COMFORT TO THE ASEXUAL COMMUNITY: Cody Daigle-Orians (@CDaigleOrians) is using social media platforms to educate people about asexuality. “It sort of hurts my heart a little to hear that anybody who is queer feels they aren’t ‘queer enough,’” Daigle-Orians said. “That to me says that somewhere along the way you encountered gatekeepers that made you feel that your version of queerness wasn’t acceptable or valid or significant. There is no ‘right’ way to be queer.” More from Courant.


‘LUCA,’ ‘SHAZAM’ STAR JACK DYLAN GRAZER COMES OUT AS BISEXUAL: After Jack Dylan Grazer (@Jgrazerofficial) was asked if they were gay by a fan, he cheerfully responded, “I’m bi!” and added a famous quote from their Luca character: “Silenzio Bruno!” More from Out.

STAR WARS TV BOSS SAYS HER QUEERNESS WILL ‘BE REFLECTED’ IN NEW DISNEY+ SHOW: Leslye Headland (@LeslyeHeadland), the first openly LGBTQ person to write and produce a Star Wars series, is running The Acolyte, a new Star Wars series launching on Disney+. “I think that because storytelling, at its core, is always going to come down to either the personal or emotional through-line to your characters, your identity is important,” Headland said. “And like I said, mine is just going to be in my work, whether I’m explicitly dealing with it or not, it’s always going to be there.” More from Digital Spy and Advocate.


BRAZIL GOVERNOR, PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE COMES OUT AS GAY: During an interview, Eduardo Leite, the governor of Brazil’s Rio Grande do Sul state, came out as gay and became the first openly gay governor and presidential hopeful in Brazil’s history. More from Washington Blade.

LGBTQ ACTIVISTS FORCED TO CANCEL PRIDE MARCH AFTER VIOLENCE IN TBILISI: Georgian LGBTQ campaigners had to cancel their “March for Dignity” Pride event in Tbilisi on Monday after counter protesters stormed and ransacked their offices. More from Euronews, Al Jazeera and CNN.

LGBTQ GROUPS PROTEST ACROSS SPAIN AFTER GAY 24-YEAR-OLD BEATEN TO DEATH: LGBTQ groups and allies protested across Spain following the brutal attack which led to the death of Samuel Luiz in northwestern Spain. More from EL PAÍS and VICE.

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