#AM_Equality: July 6, 2021

by HRC Staff

#AM_Equality: SCOTUS denied certiorari for Ingersoll & Freed v. Arlene’s Flowers, Inc.; How to be an ally all year long

⚖ HRC PRESIDENT ON SUPREME COURT DENYING CERTIORARI FOR INGERSOLL & FREED V. ARLENE’S FLOWERS, INC.: “By denying certiorari in Ingersoll & Freed v. Arlene’s Flowers, Inc., the Supreme Court has once again said that critical nondiscrimination laws protecting LGBTQ people are legally enforceable and has set a strong and definitive precedent,” said HRC President Alphonso David (@AlphonsoDavid, he/him). “Now, we need these protections for the LGBTQ community, and all people, across the country, and in every walk of life. That’s why we need to double-down on our efforts to pass the Equality Act. The Court has validated nondiscrimination protections, now Congress must follow suit.” More from CNN, them, ABC and HRC.

AMERICAN LGBTQ MUSEUM MOVES TOWARDS REALITY: Last week, the New-York Historical Society announced a major expansion to its museum which will include an entire floor dedicated to the forthcoming American LGBTQ Museum. “We’re delighted to partner with New York’s foremost museum of history to build a new museum dedicated to an exploration and celebration of the richness and diversity of LGBTQ history and culture in America,” Richard Burns, chair, board of directors, The American LGBTQ Museum, said in a statement. More from Advocate.

TOMORROW -- JOIN HRC FOR EVENT ON ESTABLISHING CAMPUS LGBTQ CENTERS: Black LGBTQ students across HBCU campuses benefit immensely from a thriving LGBTQ resource center that meets their unique needs. Tomorrow, join us at 2:00 PM (ET) to learn how resource centers can help students thrive. More from HRC.



VIRGINIA’S BAN ON LGBTQ PANIC DEFENSE TAKES EFFECT: This comes as similar laws have already taken effect in places like Washington, D.C. and will become law in Maryland on October 1, 2021. More from Los Angeles Blade.


LIL NAS X’S BET PERFORMANCE WAS A MILESTONE FOR THE BLACK QUEER COMMUNITY. HERE’S WHY: “Lil Nas has had a liberating impact on the Black LGBTQ community,” said HRC President Alphonso David. “He is an artist, and at the heart of his work is the message that we can all reach liberation by standing firm in who we are -- and carry defiance to get us even greater levels of liberation.” More from Yahoo!.

THE LONDON ZINE REPRESENTING TRANS AND NON-BINARY MODELS ON THEIR OWN TERMS: After experiencing discrimination in the fashion industry, fashion duo Heather Glazzard and Nathan Henry created Tender, a new fashion photo zine. Tender will feature trans and non-binary members of London’s LGBTQ community wearing pieces by Givenchy, Charles Jeffrey Loverboy, Kiko Kostadinov and Rick Owens, to create an inclusive fashion magazine. More from them.

🎨 TRANSGENDER TEEN’S CRYPTO ART SERIES FETCHES $2.16 MILLION AT CHRISTIE’S: 18-year-old Victor Langlois, aka FEWOCiOUS (@fewocious), is a rising star in the world of NFT art and recently netted $2.16 million at an art auction last week. Most of the trans artist’s works reflect the time in his life when he began to understand his gender identity and transitioned. More from NBC News.

LIZZO CORRECTS PAPARAZZI WHO MISGENDERED DEMI LOVATO: When asked about a potential collaboration, Lizzo (@lizzo) was quick to correct paparazzi when they misgendered non-binary star Demi Lovato (@ddlovato). More from them.


FIGHTING FOR LGBTQ RIGHTS IN THE GLOBAL SOUTH: From Thailand to Lebanon, LGBTQ activists continue to fight for LGBTQ rights and celebrate Pride in countries where their identities are not widely accepted. More from Los Angeles Blade.

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