#AM_Equality: July 29, 2021

by HRC Staff

#AM_Equality: Join HRC for a panel on mental health in queer and trans BIPOC communities; nearly 1,000 LGBTQ elected officials in the U.S.

TONIGHT -- JOIN HRC FOR THE 5TH ANNUAL PANEL ON MENTAL HEALTH IN QUEER AND TRANS BIPOC COMMUNITIES: Join us for our 5th annual panel discussion on mental health in queer and trans BIPOC communities. We will be discussing the importance of prioritizing wellness and mental health. Our panelists include Dr. Helen Hsu - Past President of The Asian American Psychological Association; Josh Odam - Healing While Black LLC; Kylee Jones, ACSW - Indigenous Circle of Wellness; Keah Brown - Author, Actress, Journalist & Screenwriter; and Juan Acosta - Mental Health & LGBTQ advocate, and NYT Bestselling Author. The panel will be moderated by HRC’s Jean-Phillipe Regis (they/them). More from HRC.

OPENLY LGBTQ ELECTED OFFICIALS IN U.S. NUMBER NEARLY 1,000, RISING FAST: With every U.S. state but Mississippi having at least one out LGBTQ elected official, a new report from the LGBTQ Victory Institute provided insight into a growing number of openly LGBTQ elected U.S. officials. More from The New York Times, them and Advocate.

‘BEING TRANSGENDER IS NOT A MEDICAL CONDITION’: THE MEANING OF TRANS BROKEN ARM SYNDROME: Trans broken arm syndrome is when a health care provider -- consciously or not -- assumes all manner of medical issues are a result of a person being trans. “These biases impact the ability for a provider to identify serious medical conditions before it becomes too late,” D. Ojeda, health policy advocate for the National Center for Transgender Equality, says. More from USA Today.

THESE KIDS HAD QUESTIONS ABOUT TRANS ATHLETES. SO THEY ASKED ONE: “Participating in sports as a young person provided me a sense of belonging and a sense of self that every young person should have the opportunity to experience. Working with the young people in this video gives me a sense of hope and a renewed enthusiasm and drive to continue to use my platform as an athlete to fight for the rights of transgender and non-binary athletes around the globe,” Chris Mosier, six-time member of Team USA and founder of transathlete.com, said. More from LGBTQ Nation.

LGBTQ ADVOCATES LAUNCH LIMITED-EDITION SPORTS TRADING CARDS FEATURING TRANSGENDER ATHLETES: The “Stack the Deck Against Hate” campaign, a joint project of Lambda Legal and Athlete Ally, is creating 1,000 limited-edition decks of trading cards featuring four out transgender athletes. Each card features information about the personal stories of the trans athletes featured in the deck. More from Metro Weekly.


THEY SAVED CHICAGO’S LAST LESBIAN BAR AND INFUSED IT WITH BLACK QUEER CULTURE: Once known as Joie De Vine, the revamped bar Nobody’s Darling is enriching itself in LGBTQ and Black culture. One cocktail, “A. Walker Summer Martini,” is named after Alice Walker, and other drinks are named after notable figures as well. “There’s something very bold about what we’re trying to do as two African American queer women, there’s something kind of going off of maybe a path that people think might be set for us,” said Angela Barnes, one of the owners. More from NBC.

ILLINOIS GOVERNOR REPEALS HIV CRIMINALIZATION LAW AND EXPANDS INFERTILITY COVERAGE FOR SAME-SEX COUPLES: On Tuesday, Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker signed into law a legislation package that aims to expand protections and access to health care for LGBTQ people. “The four pieces of legislation expand infertility treatment coverage for same-sex couples and women over 35, allow those getting married to choose gender-neutral certificates and those already married to have their certificates updated, and address HIV stigma by repealing the archaic HIV criminalization law,” according to a news release from the governor's office. More from CNN.


OLYMPIC ROWER KATARZYNA ZILLMANN COMES OUT AFTER WINNING SILVER: Katarzyna Zillmann (@kzillmann) won a silver medal in the quadruple sculls with Team Poland at the Tokyo Olympics on Wednesday. Moments after, she grabbed a microphone and thanked her girlfriend. More from Advocate and Outsports.



UKRAINIAN LGBTQ ACTIVISTS ARE PROTESTING THEIR PRESIDENT BY THROWING A RAVE OUTSIDE HIS OFFICE: “The government’s inaction on violence unites us in a common desire for the rule of human rights and freedoms. Deprived of the protection of the state, we use the only effective tool of direct democracy left to us -- protest,” UkrainePride stated on Instagram. More from them.

MONTENEGRO MAKES LGBTQ HISTORY WITH FIRST-EVER SAME-SEX UNION: One year after recognizing same-sex marriage, the first same-sex union has been officially recognized in Montenegro. More from Gay Times and them.

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