#AM_Equality: July 27, 2021

by HRC Staff

#AM_Equality: HRC parents of transgender youth speak out on the challenges and joys of parenthood; non-binary U.S. skateboarder shines at Olympics

FOUR PARENTS OF TRANSGENDER BOYS ON THE CHALLENGES AND JOYS OF RAISING THEIR SONS IN A WORLD THAT CAN BE HOSTILE: Parents, including those who are part of HRC’s Parents for Transgender Equality National Council (PTEC), know the challenges and joys of raising a transgender child in a sometimes hostile world. “We are all -- all of us -- doing this work,” founding member of PTEC Amber Briggle said. “I don’t know a single parent of a trans child who would not walk through hell and back” for their child. More from CNN and HRC.

FULTON AND THE FUTURE OF A CONTRIVED CULTURE WAR: “The question is not whether or not we can strike a balance between religious freedom and LGBTQ rights. The premise therein is flawed -- LGBTQ people are also people of faith, and the LGBTQ community has broad support from all religious communities in the country,” wrote HRC Religion & Faith Program Director Michael Vazquez (@mvsebastian, he/him). More from The Berkley Center.

HER CHILD IS TRANSGENDER. SO SHE WENT BACK TO SCHOOL AND BECAME A LAWYER TO HELP FIGHT FOR TRANS RIGHTS: In an incredible act of love and determination, Katie Jenifer went to law school to fight for trans rights after feeling helpless as her transgender daughter was repeatedly ostracized for her gender identity. More from The Washington Post.


BLACK TRANSGENDER ACTIVISTS RALLY IN BALTIMORE FOR BETTER HEALTH CARE, HOUSING: The second annual Black Trans Lives Matter rally was held in Baltimore over the weekend. The rally was organized by Baltimore Safe Haven (@BaltimoreHaven), a non-profit organization that provides public service and advocacy to the city’s LGBTQ community members. More from The Baltimore Sun and The Grio.


WILL THE OLYMPICS EVER TRULY WELCOME NON-BINARY ATHLETES?: In an op-ed by Kate Sosin (@shoeleatherkate), they discuss the ways that the binary holds athletes of all gender minorities back, but few advocates and organizations have solutions as many sports grapple with increasing diversity on and off the field. More from 19th News.

🥇 DIVER TOM DALEY WINS GOLD: “I AM A GAY MAN AND ALSO AN OLYMPIC CHAMPION”: British diver and Olympic gold medalist Tom Daley (@TomDaley1994) used his platform to call attention to the myriad of ways LGBTQ representation in sports can change lives. More from HuffPost, ESPN and Reuters.

🏊‍♂️ ANCHORED BY OPENLY GAY SWIMMER, CANADA SETS ITS RELAY RECORD: Openly gay athlete Markus Thormeyer (@lilmarquenis) beat his personal record in the men’s 4x100 freestyle relay at the Tokyo Olympics. “I am out, proud, and hoping to act as a role model for any LGBT person who may need it,” said Thormeyer. More from Outsports.

🛹 NON-BINARY SKATEBOARDER BRINGS JOY AND PRONOUNS TO OLYMPICS: Skateboarder Alana Smith (@alanasmithskate) made history as the first non-binary Olympic athlete to represent Team U.S.A. Alana proudly wore their pronouns on a pin during their event, noting on Instagram that their “goal coming into this was to be happy and be a visual representation for humans like me.” More from Xtra Magazine.

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