#AM_Equality: July 26, 2021

by HRC Staff

#AM_Equality: HRC and Athlete Ally partner with Cut.com to release “Kids Meet a Trans Athlete” video; HRC President pens op-ed on HIV and health equity

🌈 HRC FOUNDATION AND ATHLETE ALLY PARTNER WITH CUT.COM ON NEW VIDEO WITH CHRIS MOSIER (@TheChrisMosier), “KIDS MEET A TRANS ATHLETE!”, TO MARK 2020 TOKYO OLYMPIC GAMES: “The Human Rights Campaign Foundation is proud to partner with Athlete Ally, Cut.com and transathlete.com on this moving and fun new video. The video makes clear that trans people deserve to participate in sports that are consistent with their gender identity,” said HRC President Alphonso David (@AlphonsoDavid, he/him). “As we support LGBTQ athletes, we must ensure we are also addressing the racism that prevents too many women -- including LGBTQ women -- from being able to compete and thrive as themselves. As the Olympic Games begin this year, we are proud to see more openly LGBTQ athletes competing than ever before, including, for the first time, out transgender athletes. ” More from HRC.

🩺 ONE STEP CLOSER TO ENDING THE HIV EPIDEMIC FOR SOME, BUT NOT ALL: “Health equity cannot be achieved until we address the systemic challenges within the health care system that exacerbate the rates of HIV incidence among marginalized communities and fuel inadequate access to health services,” said HRC President Alphonso David (he/him). “Part of this necessitates ensuring everyone who is eligible for PrEP has access, not simply those who are insured.” More from The Hill.

SENATE CONFIRMS OPENLY LGBTQ NOMINEES TO HIGH-PROFILE DEFENSE ROLES: In a historic set of confirmations, Gina Ortiz Jones (@GinaOrtizJones) was confirmed as Under Secretary of the Air Force, and Shawn Skelly (@ShawnGSkelly) was confirmed as Assistant Secretary of Defence for Readiness. Gina Ortiz Jones will be the first out lesbian to serve as under secretary of a military branch, and Shawn Skelly will be the highest-ranking out trans defense official in American history. More from Washington Blade, Advocate and HRC.

WHY LGBTQ-INCLUSIVE ADVERTISING IS SO IMPORTANT: Joe Taiano, the global retail marketing lead at Accenture, talks about how rewarding it is to be out at a company that supports LGBTQ people. “Hearing the story of my trans colleagues or what it means to be bisexual gave me a very different view of my LGBTQ family. I am part of it, but I am also an ally for others in my community. That is inclusion,” said Taiano. More from Advocate.


🏒 PREDS’ PROSPECT COMING OUT GOOD NEWS FOR TENNESSEE: After a wave of anti-trans bills in Tennessee, Luke Prokop’s coming out announcement is monumental. Prokop, a prospect for Nashville’s Predators team, is the first openly gay active NHL player. “While it often requires courage, coming out can be especially daunting in a state that regularly makes news for discriminatory laws targeting the LGBTQ community,” said Tennessee Senator Heidi Campbell (@campbelltn20). “As a Predators fan, I look forward to cheering him on.” More from Tennessee Lookout.

🩺 ALASKA ALLOWS MEDICAID TO COVER GENDER-AFFIRMING HEALTH CARE: On July 25, Alaska’s Medicaid program began covering gender-affirming health care services. This change is the result of a lawsuit filed by a trans woman named Swan Being after she was told her hormone injections were not covered by Medicaid. Others joined the lawsuit after also being denied gender-affirming care. More from Advocate.


QUINN MAKES HISTORY BY BECOMING FIRST OPENLY TRANS ATHLETE TO COMPETE IN OLYMPICS: Canadian soccer player Quinn (@thequinny5) has made history as the first openly transgender athlete to compete in any Olympic Games. More from them.

🎬 THE HEARTBREAKING TRUE STORY OF THE GAY TEEN AND HIS DAD BEHIND ‘JOE BELL’: In an upcoming film, Mark Wahlberg shares the powerful and true story of a gay teen’s death and his father’s journey in grief and acceptance. More from NBC and People.

OVER 160 OPENLY LGBTQ ATHLETES WILL COMPETE AT OLYMPICS, SETTING GLOBAL RECORD: The Tokyo Olympic Games will set a record with the most openly LGBTQ athletes competing for gold with over 160 out athletes total. 30 of those LGBTQ athletes represent Team USA. More from VICE and NBC.


THOUSANDS OF HUNGARIANS MARCH IN SUPPORT OF LGBTQ COMMUNITY: On Saturday, thousands of Hungarians marched through Budapest in support of the country’s LGBTQ community and to protest new anti-LGBTQ policies under Prime Minister Viktor Orban. “We are standing in solidarity with the LGBTQ community but we are also standing with anyone threatened by global authoritarian discourse,” said Zoltan Adam, an associate professor of economics at Corvinus University of Budapest. More from The New York Times, Axios and CNN.

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