#AM_Equality: July 21, 2021

by HRC Staff

#AM_Equality: Why it’s so urgent to pass the Equality Act; Join HRC & Mental Health America to discuss self-directed care for BIPOC communities

WHY IT’S SO URGENT TO TELL SENATORS TO PASS THE EQUALITY ACT NOW: “Despite all the progress that has been made, LGBTQ people with multiple marginalized identities face discrimination in their day to day lives,” said HRC President Alphonso David (@AlphonsoDavid, he/him). “There are no federal protections for us from discrimination in business. As a Black and gay man, I could take an Uber or Lyft and be thrown out for who I am.” The Equality Act would provide those protections and “deliver on the promise of our democracy.” More from Los Angeles Blade.

HRC MOURNS TAYA ASHTON, BLACK TRANSGENDER WOMAN KILLED IN MARYLAND: “Taya was just at the beginning of her life -- a life that she deserved to live to its fullest. Black transgender women continue to be killed in this country, and this violence is unacceptable. Everyone, from friends and family to community organizers and allies, needs to speak out with urgency,” said HRC Associate Director of the Transgender Justice Initiative Lindsey Clark (they/them). “We must end the stigma and violence that all transgender and gender non-conforming people face.” More from HRC.

🩺 A HEALTH CENTER FOR TRANS PEOPLE, BY TRANS PEOPLE: Transhealth Northampton opened in May 2021 in Massachusetts, and it makes history as the nation’s first independent comprehensive trans health care center opened, expanding access to gender-affirming care, including hormones, mental health services, primary and pediatric care and HIV treatment. More from plus.

👕 THRIFT SHOP PROVIDES TRANS, NON-BINARY PEOPLE WITH CLOTHING, COMMUNITY: Margie’s Closet is the first thrift store in Ohio for trans and non-binary people. “We are trying, as our slogan goes, ‘building community one piece of clothing at a time,’ because it’s not about the clothing as much as it is building community, building family, building relationships and serving the population that is most needed,” said Monika Veliz, a manager of Margie’s Closet. More from ABC.

🧠 TODAY -- JOIN HRC AND MENTAL HEALTH AMERICA FOR A DISCUSSION ON MENTAL HEALTH: Join us live on Facebook at 4 pm ET as we discuss self-directed care for BIPOC communities with HRC Foundation’s Associate Director for All Children - All Families Jean-Phillipe Regis (they/them). More from Mental Health America.


LGBTQ TEENS LEAVE COVID-19 ISOLATION TO CONNECT AT ST. PETERSBURG SUMMER CAMP: This week-long summer camp for LGBTQ teens ages 13-17 is giving kids a chance to connect with their LGBTQ peers and embrace their identities. More from Tampa Bay Times.


3 OLYMPIC COUPLES WHO ARE ON THE SAME TEAM IN TOKYO: “Growing up in the hockey world, I was around a lot of gay women,” said Leah Wilkinson (@Leahwilkinson17), a field hockey player for Great Britain. “We shouldn’t say we’re fortunate, but you hear really sad stories about people who aren’t accepted. We’re lucky to have hockey, where there is such a thriving LGBT community.” More from Outsports.

🎬 FEAR STREET STARS ON ‘GROUNDBREAKING’ LESBIAN ROMANCE: “All three scripts are cohesive, it’s three movies that are telling one big overarching story. The fact that it’s centered around a queer love story, the fact the protagonists, some of them, are people of colour…” said Kiana Madeira (@kianamadeira), the actress who plays Deena. “There’s so many things that make these movies groundbreaking and when we received the scripts, we could tell it was going to be something really special.” More from Gay Times.

NEW DOCUMENTARY ‘SEGUIMOS AQUÍ’ EXPLORES LGBTQ COVID-19 EXPERIENCE: “Seguimos Aquí: Pride, Pandemic and Perseverance” is a new documentary that centers on the lives of four LGBTQ Latinx Chicagoans during the COVID-19 pandemic. “COVID was a virus, but we’ve been plagued by a virus in our community for decades and decades and decades. So this was nothing new. It just made everything harder,” said Reyna Ortiz, an individual featured in the film. More from WTTW.

🎵 K-POP SINGER COMES OUT ON INSTAGRAM: Kim Jiae (@ji.aee), a former member of the girl band Wa$$up, came out on Instagram. More from Korea Times.


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