#AM_Equality: July 15, 2021

by HRC Staff

#AM_Equality: Texas Senate passes anti-trans sports bill; 30 out LGBTQ athletes to represent Team USA in Tokyo

TEXAS SENATE PASSES ANTI-TRANSGENDER SPORTS BAN BILL: “Collegiate and professional sports organizations have had trans-inclusive policies for years without incident, and there is no reason any state would need a ban on transgender participation in sports at the K-12 level,” said HRC Texas State Director Rebecca Marques (@_RebeccaMarques, she/her). “Transgender kids are kids who just want to play, and they deserve that chance. Pacifying a far-right base by targeting the health, safety and welfare of transgender children is heartless and cruel -- Texas children and families deserve better.” More from HRC.

THIS SOBER QUEER SPACE IS CROWDFUNDING TO BUILD A HOME FOR LGBTQ PEOPLE OF ALL AGES: Non-binary drag performer Bux Dhyne (@PeppermintStars) plans to open Joule’s Molly House, an inclusive, sober queer space in Grand Rapids, MI. “I have an MFA in art. I have a lot of student loans. I am a very typical working, starving artist living paycheck to paycheck. Starting this project is really about finding funds and hoping the community can get behind it,” said Dhyne. More from them.

CORNELL UNIVERSITY STUDY ON IMPACT OF DISCRIMINATION ON LGBTQ PEOPLE OF COLOR: Cornell University’s What We Know Project, along with several pro-LGBTQ organizations, conducted a study regarding discrimination at the intersection of LGBTQ and Black identities. The data revealed that LGBTQ people of color are more than twice as likely to experience anti-LGBTQ discrimination when compared to white LGBTQ individuals. Further, 51% of Black LGBTQ respondents said that discrimination harms their ability to be hired, while only 33% of white LGBTQ respondents agreed. More from LA Blade.


CALIFORNIA WILL NOW RECOGNIZE NON-BINARY IDENTITIES ON DEATH CERTIFICATES: The state of California is the first to recognize non-binary identities on death certificates. Asm Rebecca Bauer-Kahan (@BauerKahan) is the author of the bill and tweeted that the bill’s passage will ensure that non-binary individuals “are respected in their death as they are in life.” More from them.


🥎 THESE TWO OLYMPIANS ARE ENGAGED TO MARRY AND WILL COMPETE AGAINST ONE ANOTHER FOR GOLD: Anissa Urtez (@nniiiss_) and Amanda Chidester (@chiddy3) are fiancées off the field but will compete in the Tokyo Olympic Games next week. More from Outsports.

30 OUT ATHLETES ARE REPRESENTING TEAM USA AT THE OLYMPICS IN TOKYO: A total of 3o openly LGBTQ athletes are heading to Tokyo to represent the U.S. at the Olympics next week. This notably includes power couple Megan Rapinoe (@mPinoe) and Sue Bird (@S10Bird), and many more athletes. More from LGBTQ Nation, TIME and them.

NEW NETFLIX DOC ‘PRAY AWAY’ EXPOSES THE SHAM OF CONVERSION THERAPY: Pray Away, a new Netflix documentary produced by Ryan Murphy (@MrRPMurphy) and Jason Blum (@jason_blum) that premieres on Aug. 3, tells the story of Exodus International’s brutal “cure” for homosexuality: conversion therapy. More from them and HuffPost.

‘SESAME STREET’ TO ‘RIDLEY JONES’: TV SHOWS ARE TEACHING KIDS ABOUT LGBTQ ISSUES, DIVERSITY: Producer and screenwriter Chris Nee (@chrisdocnee) is coming out with a new Netflix animated series, “Ridley Jones,” featuring a non-binary character. Yalda T. Uhls (@DrYaldaUhls), founder of the Center for Scholars & Storytellers at UCLA, notes the importance of representation within the scope of the film. “Children need to see themselves reflected, and they internalize the implicit messages about themselves and others,” said Uhls. More from USA Today.

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