#AM_Equality: July 12, 2021

by HRC Staff

#AM_Equality: The Equality Act is good for business and people; President Biden nominates first out lesbian to ambassador-level post

THE EQUALITY ACT IS GOOD FOR BUSINESS AND PEOPLE: “Although some politicians still need to be persuaded to support the Equality Act, more and more businesses are expressing their support for it, not only because it would be the right thing to do but because it would be good for business. Business functions best in an atmosphere of certainty,” said Tim O’Neal, environmental, health, safety and sustainability technology director for Dow. “Unfortunately, a hodge-podge of state and local laws across the country means millions of Americans face the uncertainty of potential discrimination that threatens their safety, housing, employment and daily lives.” More from Charleston Gazette.

⚖ FEDERAL JUDGE BLOCKS TENNESSEE’S ANTI-TRANS BATHROOM LAW: On Friday, a federal judge blocked a Tennessee law that required businesses to post signs if the business allowed people to use gendered bathrooms according to their gender identity. More from HuffPost, NBC and WKRN.

BIDEN NOMINATES FIRST OUT LESBIAN TO AMBASSADOR-LEVEL POST: If confirmed, Chantale Wong will make history as the first out lesbian to hold an ambassador-level post for the U.S. as the U.S. Director of the Asian Development Bank. More from NBC and them.



NEW YORK CITY COULD HAVE RECORD NUMBER OF LGBTQ CITY COUNCILMEMBERS: If elected in the fall, New York City could have a record number of LGBTQ City Councilmembers; six candidates were nominated by New Yorkers in the recent primary election. More from Metro Weekly.

“I’M AN LGBTQ TEACHER IN FLORIDA, AND I’M NOT PROTECTED”: In a guest column, LGBTQ educator Brian Kerekes writes about the need for the Equality Act to protect folks like him on a federal level in places lacking LGBTQ protections, like Florida. More from The Ledger.


📻 ONLINE RADIO STATION GIVES LGBTQ ARTISTS A PLATFORM: E3 Radio is an online radio station in Chicago playing LGBTQ and independent music in high rotation with an R&B and hip-hop vibe. “We play queer artists, especially of color, because they don’t get any play anywhere else. What I know for sure is that good music is out there, and people just need a space to be able to find it,” says founder Anna DeShawn. More from ABC7.


FOR JAPAN’S LGBTQ ATHLETES, OLYMPICS ARE MISSED OPPORTUNITY: With 68% of Japanese citizens in support of legalizing same-sex marriage, according to Pew Research Center, and Japan standing alone as the only G-7 country without same-sex marriage, many athletes and advocates believe the absence of pro-LGBTQ reforms is a missed opportunity by Japan to make positive change. More from TIME and Yahoo! News.

CRUSADE AGAINST HYPOCRISY INSPIRES FIRST TRANSGENDER CANDIDATE FOR GERMAN BUNDESTAG: As a candidate for the German Bundestag, Tessa Ganserer (@GansGruen) hopes to make history as the first openly transgender member of Germany’s federal parliament. More from Reuters.

HUNGARIAN ACTIVISTS VOW TO RESIST ANTI-LGBTQ LAW: Activists in Hungary have vowed to resist a new anti-LGBTQ law that took effect last week. The new law aims to remove all LGBTQ content from schools and has drawn widespread international and domestic criticism. More from PBS.

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