#AM_Equality: January 7, 2022

by HRC Staff

#AM_Equality: American Academy of Pediatrics continues to support care for trans youth; Friday Feature with Casey Quinlan

🩺 AMERICAN ACADEMY OF PEDIATRICS CONTINUES TO SUPPORT CARE OF TRANSGENDER YOUTHS AS MORE STATES PUSH RESTRICTIONS: With the introduction of a record number of state bills during the 2021 legislative session targeting the rights of transgender youths, The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and other medical groups have stepped up efforts to protect them. This kind of affirmation and support from the AAP is instrumental for organizations -- including HRC -- as they advocate for the protection of trans and LGBTQ+ youth in America. More from AAP News.

SAN FRANCISCO TO LAUNCH INNOVATIVE LGBTQ+ SENIOR TELEHEALTH PROGRAM: This year, the city of San Francisco is set to launch an innovative program for LGBTQ+ seniors to fund telehealth/mental health services and technology support with $600,000 from the city. This is believed to be the first of its kind to be completely funded by a U.S. city. More from Bay Area Reporter.

ACTIVISTS AND HISTORIANS REMEMBER JIM TOY AS A PIONEERING LEADER IN LGBTQ+ RIGHTS: “Jim Toy’s life is a reminder that LGBT history and LGBT civil rights were also made here in the Midwest, and that Asian Americans and other people of color were a critical part of that movement,” Ian Shin, a University of Michigan assistant professor of history and American culture, told the PBS NewsHour. More from PBS NewsHour.

✨ FRIDAY FEATURE: Casey Quinlan (@thatcaseyquin, they/them) is a journalist who has covered LGBTQ+ rights, reproductive rights, education, and labor issues for almost a decade. They have published stories with ThinkProgress, New Republic, Vox, Teen Vogue, SCOTUSblog, Rewire News and In These Times, among others.

  • Read their recommendation: “I appreciated Adam M. Rhodes’ ‘Gay and trans ‘panic’ is still being used to justify anti-LGBTQ attacks’ published in The Appeal. The piece includes some valuable and more recent reporting on the gay and trans panic defense and shares some good research. It’s an issue that I think has fallen off many reporters’ radars recently, and Rhodes does a great job of explaining why this is still a threat.”

  • Learn more about what inspires them: “ I’d say all of the LGBTQ+ young people in school, especially trans kids, who are pushing against efforts to exclude representations of LGBTQ+ people and symbols from school curricula or school libraries or even posters and flags in the classroom as well as the trans kids who went to testify against anti-trans bills in Legislatures this year. Not only are they living with the trauma of a pandemic so early in their lives, but they’re somehow finding the energy to tell people in positions of authority over them that they can’t tell them who they’re allowed to be. When I’m feeling hopeless, I try to think about them.”

Casey Quinlan (they/them)


N.Y. GOVERNOR HOCHUL OUTLINES LGBTQ+ INITIATIVES IN STATE OF THE STATE AGENDA: On Wednesday, Governor Kathy Hochul’s administration unveiled a list of LGBTQ+ initiatives as part of her 2022 State of the State agenda, including plans to address conditions for incarcerated transgender and non-binary individuals and increase funding for queer-inclusive health programs. More from Gay City News.


BALLROOM CULTURE IN NIGERIA IS BEING REVIVED BY QUEER YOUTH: “Nigeria’s ballroom culture has existed for years, but has more recently been driven further underground thanks to stricter anti-gay laws,” writes Timinepre Cole (@timinepre_). “For Nigerians, ballroom culture challenges social structures and demonstrates the queer utopia they hope can one day exist out in the open.” More from Teen Vogue.

🏋️‍♀️ THIS TRANS POWERLIFTER IS FEATURED IN THE NEW SEASON OF ‘QUEER EYE’: Angel Flores appeared on the second episode of Netflix’s ‘Queer Eye’ as a hero in need of a confidence boost to live her best life as a powerlifter and a trans woman. Her journey with the Fab Five was a transformation from trepidation to euphoria in and out of the gym. More from Outsports.

⛸️ MEET THE NON-BINARY SKATER HOPING TO MAKE WINTER OLYMPIC HISTORY: U.S. figure skating champion Timothy LeDuc is hoping to make history as the first out non-binary Winter Olympian later this year in Beijing. More from Out and NBC News.



GERMANY APPOINTS FIRST LGBTQ+ ISSUES OFFICIAL: On Wednesday, the German government announced the appointment of Sven Lehmann as Germany’s first LGBTQ+ issues official. In a statement, Lehman said the newly created role will help Germany to “become a leader in the fight against discrimination.” More from The Local Germany and DW.


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