#AM_Equality: February 2, 2021

by HRC Staff

HRC President Alphonso David calls for more cross-movement collaboration at the beginning of Black History Month

HUMAN RIGHTS CAMPAIGN AND GILEAD WILL WORK TOGETHER TO COMBAT HIV EPIDEMIC AND PROMOTE TRANSGENDER JUSTICE: “Too often, institutional racism and anti-LGBTQ+ bias have been barriers to comprehensive HIV prevention and treatment strategies,” said HRC President Alphonso David (@AlphonsoDavid). “This grant will allow the Human Rights Campaign to work directly with community partners, Historically Black Colleges and Universities, and youth serving professionals -- especially those in Black and Latinx communities in the South and around the country -- to increase awareness of HIV treatment and prevention options in order to reduce health disparities, and combat the discrimination and stigma that too often leads to fatal violence against transgender women of color.” More from HRC.

  • Gilead will provide a $3.2 million grant over two years to support communities disproportionately impacted by the HIV epidemic in the U.S., particularly communities of color. Gilead will directly fund the efforts of the HRC Foundation -- HRC’s educational arm -- aimed at ending the HIV epidemic, as well as fund the organization’s Transgender Justice Initiative.

HRC PRESIDENT ALPHONSO DAVID CALLS FOR MORE CROSS-MOVEMENT COLLABORATION AT THE BEGINNING OF BLACK HISTORY MONTH: “The deadly police shootings of Black people and the increasing number of Black transgender women being violently killed in the United States, in contrast with the pro-Trump insurrection, make something clear that we Black, queer people have long known: an inclusive, equitable, multi-racial democracy is not guaranteed, but must be fought for,” said HRC President Alphonso David. “During this Black History Month, I invite us all to work across movements to innovate strategies that will help make sure that we remain united in the fight for full equality.” More from HRC.

ICYMI -- HRC PRESIDENT ALPHONSO DAVID JOINED “THE SUNDAY SHOW WITH JONATHAN CAPEHART” ON MSNBC TO DISCUSS PRESIDENT BIDEN’S LGBTQ EXECUTIVE ORDERS: “He issued an executive order on racial equity, and what’s important about that executive order, in addition to a variety of things, is it includes LGBTQ people. It talks about the intersectional nature that we have to think about making policy through,” David told Capehart (@CapehartJ). Watch the full interview here.


“MY NAME IS PAULI MURRAY” -- LEGAL ICON TAKES CENTER STAGE IN NEW DOCUMENTARY: Betsy West (@BetsyWest) and Julie Cohen (@FilmmakerJulie), creators of the documentary “RBG,” screened their newest film at Sundance Film Festival. The documentary is about the life of Pauli Murray, a multiracial and gender non-conforming civil rights leader. More from NBC News.

“I WAS ATTACKED BY A TRANSPHOBIC MOB”: HERE’S WHY I’M FIGHTING HARDER FOR BLACK TRANS WOMEN NOW: Kendall Stephens (@PhillyKendall), an LGBTQ and community activist from Philadelphia, discusses her experience as a Black transgender woman. More from HuffPost.

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💙💗🤍💗💙 POPULAR YOUTUBER AND ACTRESS ABIGAIL THORN COMES OUT AS TRANSGENDER: Abigail Thorn (@PhilosophyTube), a British Youtuber who makes videos explaining complex social issues, has come out as transgender. She published a video and tweet discussing her story. More from Vulture.

🌈 JOJO SIWA OPENS UP ABOUT COMING OUT AS PART OF THE LGBTQ COMMUNITY: Influencer and social media star JoJo Siwa (@itsjojosiwa) announced last week that she is part of the LGBTQ community. She spoke in an Instagram Live about her experience coming out and the importance of loving each other. More from Today.

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