#AM_Equality: August 6, 2021

by HRC Staff

#AM_Equality: HRC announces new Gen Z program to help build a generation free of HIV & stigma; USWNT wins bronze medal in Tokyo

HRC ANNOUNCES NEW GEN Z PROGRAM: GENERATE: GENERATE is a health equity-focused peer facilitator program that fosters the professional development and leadership of Black and Latinx LGBTQ young people to advocate, engage and mobilize communities most impacted by HIV/AIDS. “It is impossible to ignore that over half of young people living with HIV do not know their status -- mostly due to inadequate HIV educational resources targeted at the younger generation,” said J. Maurice McCants-Pearsall (he/him), HRC Director of HIV & Health Equity. “It is imperative to shine a light on these health disparities and work with Gen Z change-makers to create educational tools for their peers.” More from HRC.

⚖️ BIDEN INCLUDES HISTORIC LGBTQ PICK IN LATEST JUDICIAL NOMINEES: President Biden has included two LGBTQ picks for judicial nominations by selecting Charlotte Sweeney for a seat on the U.S. District Court for Colorado and Beth Robinson for a seat on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit. If confirmed, Robinson would be the first openly LGBTQ woman to ever serve on any U.S. appeals court. More from HuffPost and Advocate.

🩺 10 CLINICS ACROSS THE UNITED STATES DOING CRITICAL WORK IN BATTLING HIV: These clinics aim to share resources such as listings for LGBTQ-friendly health providers and access to PrEP. More from LGBTQ Nation.

THE IMPORTANCE OF LGBTQ-INCLUSIVE SEX EDUCATION IN SCHOOLS: Just 8.2% of students said they received LGBTQ-inclusive sex education, according to LGBTQ education nonprofit GLSEN's National School Climate Survey in 2019. “The states that have passed comprehensive LGBTQ inclusive sexual health education laws did not happen because one person raised their hand and said, ‘We should have that.’ It took time, it took advocacy, it took education,” said Vincent Pompei, director of the Human Rights Campaign’s Youth Well-Being Program. More from USA Today.


WEST VIRGINIA’S CAPITAL BANS CONVERSION THERAPY FOR LGBTQ KIDS: “All of Charleston’s children deserve love and respect for who they are, and no one should be in the business of trying to shame or humiliate teenagers out of being LGBTQ,” said Andrew Schneider, executive director of Fairness West Virginia. “Our city’s medical and faith communities came out strongly in support of this bill to ban the dangerous and discredited practice of conversion therapy, and I congratulate members of city council for bravely approving it.” More from Los Angeles Blade.


⚽🥉 TEAM USA WOMEN’S SOCCER EARNS BRONZE MEDAL WITH WIN OVER AUSTRALIA: The U.S. women’s national team, which includes several openly LGBTQ athletes, won a bronze medal with a 4-3 victory over Australia. More from Outsports.

HOW THIS LESBIAN HAND CYCLIST IS CHASING HER PARALYMPICS DREAMS: Ryen Reed (@ryen_equalityorbust) is a dedicated multi-sport athlete heading to Tokyo to participate in the Paralympic Games. More from Advocate.

‘POSE’ STAR JASON RODRIGUEZ, MANAGER RICARDO SEBASTIÁN LAUNCH ARRAYGENCY, TALENT AGENCY FOR BIPOC, QUEER, AND TRANS CREATIVES: “As BIPOC queer creatives and business owners we knew we had a unique opportunity to create a specialized -- and much needed -- service for members of our community,” said ‘Pose’ star Jason Rodriquez (@JasonARodriguex) and manager Ricardo Sebastián. “We have a deep, and personal, understanding of their talents and voices and it is our hope to bring these people center stage and allow them to shine as bright as possible.” More from Variety.

🥈 JOLANTA OGAR WINS SILVER AT OLYMPIC GAMES: During her third Olympic competition, Jolanta Ogar and her partner won silver for Team Poland in the women’s two-person dinghy. More from Outsports.


SHELTERS FOR LGBTQ ASYLUM SEEKERS ON MEXICO-U.S. BORDER ‘OVERWHELMED’: Jardín de las Mariposas, an LGBTQ asylum at the border of Mexico and the U.S., is housing more individuals than their capacity can afford. “Here I can be who I want, I can dress how I want to. I can wear my heels, I can wear my hair. I can just be feminine every day,” said Kelly West, a transgender woman from Jamacia residing at the asylum. More from Washington Blade.

GHANA COURT DROPS CASE AGAINST 21 LGBTQ ACTIVISTS: Yesterday, a Ghanian court dismissed a case against LGBTQ activists, ruling there was not enough evidence to prove they had gathered unlawfully, a prosecutor in the case said. More from Reuters.

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