#AM_Equality: August 30, 2021

by HRC Staff

#AM_Equality: Victory for marriage equality in Mexico’s Yucatán state; the story of Black and LGBTQ+ ‘Nobody’s Darling’ bar in Chicago

WOMEN OF COLOR AND LGBTQ+ PEOPLE ARE TAKING ON THE INVISIBLE WORK OF THE VACCINATION EFFORT: After 17 turbulent months since the start of the pandemic, the same people who have been most affected by the pandemic -- women, people of color and LGBTQ+ people -- are taking on another burden: the vaccination effort. More from 19th* News.

🍸 NOBODY’S DARLING, A NEW BLACK AND LGBTQ+ BAR IN CHICAGO, IS THRIVING DESPITE THE PANDEMIC: Nobody’s Darling is a new Black and LGBTQ+ bar in Chicago. “Everybody’s welcome and everybody’s invited, as long as there’s that respect for the fact that we’re kind of in it together,” co-owner Angela Barnes said, noting that they want to create an overall LGBTQ+ friendly environment, with the recognition that it’s primarily a safe space for queer women and femmes. “We’re out to have a good time, we’re out to meet each other, enjoy each other’s company, and have a great cocktail.” More from them.

OVER HALF OF AMERICANS WOULD FEEL UNCOMFORTABLE SEEING A DOCTOR WITH HIV: A new report has found that HIV stigma in the United States remains concerningly high, with fewer Americans stating that they feel knowledgeable about HIV than last year. The same report also found that positive media portrayals of people living with HIV can fight stigma and misinformation. More from them.


⚖️ VIRGINIA SCHOOL DISTRICT TO PAY $1.3 MILLION IN LEGAL FEES IN GAVIN GRIMM CASE: A Virginia school district will pay more than $1.3 million in legal fees to resolve the case of Gavin Grimm, a former high school student who challenged its bathroom policy. The American Civil Liberties Union on Thursday announced in a press release that the Gloucester County School Board said it would not challenge Grimm’s request to pay the fees and other costs associated with his case. More from Washington Blade and HRC.

OHIO FOSTER CHILDREN RECEIVE LGBTQ+ SUPPORT FROM NEW PARTNERSHIP: The 2021 Change-Makers Report from the HRC Foundation highlighted the work of six Ohio-based child welfare organizations that are working to increase the visibility and acceptance of LGBTQ+ families and youth. More from NBC4i and HRC.


LAURA GOODKIND PREACHES SELF-AFFIRMATION TO NON-BINARY AND GENDER-NEUTRAL AUDIENCES AT TOKYO PARALYMPICS: Team USA rower Laura Goodkind (@goodkindvibes) wants others to know they can “transcend labels and situations.” Their presence at the Paralympics embodies that message. More from Outsports.

🌈 11 LGBTQ+ ATHLETES WHO CAME OUT IN 2021 SO FAR: More from Out.

🥇 SIR LEE PEARSON GOT EMOTIONAL AFTER HIS 12TH PARALYMPIC GOLD IN PARA DRESSAGE: Sir Lee Pearson (@sirleepearson) took home his 12th Paralympic medal in Paralympic dressage last week. More from The Guardian and Outsports.


💍 LAWMAKERS IN MEXICO’S YUCATÁN STATE APPROVE MARRIAGE EQUALITY BILL: Lawmakers in the Mexican state of Yucatán voted to approved a marriage equality bill last week. Yucatán will join neighboring Quintana Roo state, Mexico City and other jurisdictions in the country that allow same-sex couples to legally marry. More from Washington Blade.


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