#AM_Equality: August 27, 2021

by HRC Staff

🏫 CAMPUS PRIDE REVEALS ‘BEST OF THE BEST’ COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES FOR LGBTQ+ STUDENTS: Campus Pride has announced the annual list of “Best of the Best” Colleges and Universities for LGBTQ+ students in the United States. More from EDGE Media.

HOW OAKLAND’S QUEER WAVE COFFEE CENTERS LGBTQ+ PEOPLE AND THEIR ALLIES: Trans and Indigenous-run Queer Wave Coffee is turning the volume up for marginalized communities in the coffee industry. Queer Wave Coffee is a micro-roaster with uncompromising ideals and a commitment to increasing visibility for underrepresented communities in coffee. More from Eater.

🚀 FROM SURVIVING ‘DON’T ASK’ TO SPACE FORCE: AN EPIC JOURNEY FOR GEN. LAUDERBACK: Maj. Gen. Leah Lauderback, director of intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance for Space Force, serves in the military as an openly gay woman. For Lauderback, the role as head of intelligence for a U.S. service holds special significance because she served during “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.” More from Washington Blade.


SAN FRANCISCO BECOMES FIRST CITY TO RECOGNIZE ‘TRANSGENDER HISTORY MONTH’: On Tuesday, San Francisco Mayor London Breed joined local trans activists, politicians and LGBTQ+ trailblazers to sign a proclamation officially recognizing August as a month to honor the tenacity of trans advocacy and the vibrancy of trans culture. The dedicated month, which will now be celebrated annually, will recognize all the work that remains to be done toward achieving full equality. More from them.

TEXAS EMPLOYERS ISSUE LETTER URGING LAWMAKERS NOT TO PASS ANTI-LGBTQ+ BILLS: A coalition of Texas employers has written a letter urging lawmakers to stop pursuing pieces of anti-LGBTQ+ legislation. More from Metro Weekly and American Independent.


📅 THE FULL SCHEDULE FOR TEAM LGBTQ+ ATHLETES AT THE TOKYO PARALYMPICS: The largest Paralympics roster ever also features the largest number of out LGBTQ+ participants in its history with at least 31 athletes representing 12 sports and 10 nations. More from Outsports.

🥈 OUT BRITISH CYCLIST CRYSTAL LANE-WRIGHT WINS TEAM LGBTQ+’S FIRST MEDAL OF THE PARALYMPICS: Out British cyclist Crystal Lane-Wright (@lane2985) won the first medal for Team LGBTQ+ at the Tokyo Paralympics. More from Outsports.

🏀 CANADA’S TWO OUT GAY WHEELCHAIR BASKETBALL PLAYERS ARE ALSO MULTI-SPORT ATHLETES: Cindy Ouelett (@sevencan_co) and Tara Llanes (@tara_llanes) helped Team Canada to a win in their Tokyo Paralympics opener against Team Great Britain. More from Outsports.

🚲 ELITE CYCLIST COMES OUT, CALLS OUT HIS SPORT FOR HOMOPHOBIA: Elite British cyclist Clay Davies (@clayddd) came out and said more must be done to stamp out anti-LGBTQ+ sentiments. More from Outsports and Advocate.

💃 JOJO SIWA TO COMPETE ON ‘DANCING WITH THE STARS’ WITH SAME-SEX PARTNER: ‘WE’RE GOING TO MAKE HISTORY’: Jojo Siwa (@itsjojosiwa) is set to make history as part of the first same-sex duo on Dancing with the Stars. More from USA Today.


¿QUÉ SIGNIFICA SER ACTIVISTA LGBTI+ EN AMÉRICA LATINA?: Este articulo es sobre la importancia de las redes afectivas, las protección de la salud mental, el autocuidado colectivo y la lucha como un modo de vida son algunos de los temas que destacaron activistas LGBTI de la región. Más de Tiempo Argentina.

VICE PRESIDENT HARRIS MEETS WITH LGBTQ+ ACTIVISTS IN VIETNAM: Yesterday, Vice President Kamala Harris met with two LGBTQ+ rights activists in Hanoi, Vietnam. The Vice President’s office said Chu Thanh Hà Ngoc, a transgender activist, and Đoàn Thanh Tùng, an LGBTQ+ advocate, participated in a “roundtable discussion with the vice president and Vietnamese social advocacy organizations.” More from Washington Blade.

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