#AM_Equality: August 20, 2021

by HRC Staff

#AM_Equality: Meet the first out trans women of color to teach at Harvard Law; report: at least 47% of trans people face medical mistreatment

🩺 NEARLY HALF OF TRANS PEOPLE HAVE BEEN MISTREATED BY MEDICAL PROVIDERS, REPORT FINDS: A new report from the Center for American Progress found that 47% of transgender people and 68% of transgender people of color have experienced health care discrimination by medical providers. “The onus should not be on individuals,” said one of the report’s authors, Sharita Gruberg, vice president of the center’s LGBTQ Research and Communications Project. “It really should be on these institutions to do the right thing, and the resources and guidance is out there.” More from NBC News and them.

⚖️ MEET THE FIRST OUT TRANS WOMEN OF COLOR TO TEACH AT HARVARD LAW: Anya Marino (@AnyaMarino5) and Alejandra Caraballo (@Esqueer_) are making history as the first openly trans women of color to teach at Harvard Law School. Marino joined the school’s LGBTQ+ Advocacy Clinic earlier this month and Caraballo joined the Cyberlaw Clinic on Monday. More from 19th* News.

🐧 AQUARIUM ANNOUNCES TWO SAME-SEX PENGUIN COUPLES DURING NESTING SEASON: The Melbourne Aquarium in Australia announced that there are two same-sex pairs that have emerged during the start of nesting season -- Tiger and Branston, and Jones and Klaus. More from The Hill and The Guardian.



NEW HAMPSHIRE JUST MADE IT EASIER TO CHANGE THE GENDER ON DRIVER’S LICENSES: New Hampshire has eliminated the medical requirement for individuals applying to correct their gender marker on state IDs. This will make it significantly easier for trans people to get a driver’s license that accurately reflects their identity. More from them.

⚖️ THIS LAWSUIT COULD GIVE TRANS WEST VIRGINIANS THE RIGHT TO CORRECT THEIR BIRTH CERTIFICATES: A lawsuit brought by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) on behalf of two trans men seeks to create a path for trans people to obtain corrected birth certificates in West Virginia. More from them.


🥅 OUT TEAM USA GOALBALL PLAYER ASYA MILLER BRINGS MEDAL-LADEN LEGACY TO TOKYO: Asya Miller (@amillercoach) is set to participate in her sixth Paralympics for Team USA Goalball, a sport exclusive to athletes with impaired vision. Miller has already won four Paralympic medals throughout her career and is seeking a fifth in Tokyo. More from Outsports.

🎭 LGBTQ+ ACTORS ARE FINALLY PLAYING LGBTQ+ ROLES. NEXT UP? MORE CHANCES TO PLAY IT STRAIGHT: “Of course queer actors can play straight, straight actors can play queer,” said out gay actor T.R. Knight (@t.r.knight). “The question is, ‘Is that opportunity being given equally, or even close to equally?’ And the answer to that is definitely ‘No.’” More from Los Angeles Times.

🎸 WHY COUNTRY MUSIC WAS (FINALLY) READY TO COME OUT: With the rise of openly LGBTQ+ country music stars including Brooke Eden (@BrookeEdenMusic) and T.J. Osborne (@tjosborne), the country music scene is beginning to be more accepting of LGBTQ+ artists. More from Rolling Stone.


COUNTRIES URGED TO OFFER REFUGE TO LGBTQ+ AFGHANS: “As Afghanistan falls to the Taliban, members of the LGBTIQ community are among those at greatest risk of suffering under Taliban rule,” tweeted the Organization for Migration, Refuge and Asylum on Tuesday. “The international community must act quickly and decisively to aid all those fleeing persecution.” More from Washington Blade.

SCOTLAND TELLS TEACHERS TO RESPECT THE GENDER IDENTITIES OF TRANS KIDS: The Scottish government issued new guidance last week advising teachers on how to proactively create an accepting and safe learning environment for trans students. “​​If a young person would like changes to be made in order that they are supported to learn,” the document’s introduction states, “then consider ‘what is in the best interests of the young person?’” More from them.

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