#AM_Equality: April 30, 2021

by HRC Staff

#AM_Equality: HRC President Alphonso David on MSNBC; Biden to trans youth “Your President has your back”

HRC PRESIDENT ALPHONSO DAVID INTERVIEWED ON MSNBC ABOUT THE URGENCY OF THE EQUALITY ACT: In an interview with MSNBC’s Hallie Jackson (@HallieOnMSNBC), HRC President Alphonso David (@AlphonsoDavid) talked about President Biden’s statement in support of transgender youth and the importance of passing the Equality Act. More from MSNBC.

🍾 BUCKING A NATIONAL TREND, A NEW QUEER BAR IS SET TO OPEN IN D.C.: While As You Are Bar has been operating as a virtual space since February, founders Rachel Pike and Jo McDaniel (@thejomcdaniel) plan to move into a physical space by the summer. More from NBC Out.

BIDEN TELLS TRANS YOUTH “YOUR PRESIDENT HAS YOUR BACK”: In his first address to a joint congress, President Biden affirmed trans youth by saying, “To all the transgender Americans watching at home -- especially the young people who are so brave -- I want you to know that your president has your back.” More from Advocate, Out, NBC and HRC.

LGBTQ RIGHTS MAY HAVE PROGRESSED BUT YOUNG PEOPLE ARE STILL STRUGGLING: “It’s easy to mistakenly think that growing up LGBTQ+ isn’t challenging anymore. After all, we’ve got same-sex marriage and it’s legally easier to become a LGBTQ+ parent,” writes Just Like Us ambassador Pippa Sterk (@PippaSterk). “Of course we must celebrate progress we’ve made but we also need to remember that these vital changes mostly just affect LGBTQ+ adults -- many LGBTQ+ young people are struggling and need support.” More from Gay Times.


TRANSPHOBIC LEGISLATION IS FORCING ARKANSAS FAMILIES TO ABANDON THE STATE: In a powerful article about the passage of three anti-LGBTQ laws in Arkansas, Nico Lang (@Nico_Lang) examines a harsh reality in which many families with trans kids say they have no choice but to move. More from them.

TENNESSEE STATE LEGISLATURE SENDS ANTI-TRANS “BUSINESS BATHROOM BILL” TO GOV. LEE’S DESK: “House Bill 1182 is a discriminatory piece of legislation crafted to generate the maximum amount of harm to Tennessee’s transgender community,” said HRC President Alphonso David. Transgender women are women; transgender men are men. Denying transgender people the ability to access a bathroom consistent with their gender identity is degrading and dehumanizing, and by advancing this bill, the Tennessee state legislature is putting the health and safety of transgender Tennesseans at risk.” More from Vanderbilt Hustler and HRC.

OKLAHOMA STATE LEGISLATURE SENDS DISCRIMINATORY DIVERSITY TRAINING BAN TO GOVERNOR STITT’S DESK: “This legislation -- developed without any legitimate basis -- does nothing but perpetuate discrimination by literally preventing students from receiving inclusive, substantive diversity training,” said HRC President Alphonso David. “This bill is a mean-spirited and direct effort to further marginalize women, people of color and LGBTQ Oklahomans, pushed through the state legislature by lawmakers who chose to ignore the real problems in their state. Governor Stitt must veto this harmful legislation that only serves to further divide Oklahoma for absolutely no reason at all.” More from HRC.

VIRGINIA GOVERNOR SIGNS BILL ESTABLISHING STATEWIDE LGBTQ ADVISORY BOARD: On Monday, Gov. Ralph Northan (@GovernorVA) signed legislation that will establish a 26-person group to advise him on issues “regarding the economic, professional, cultural, educational and governmental links between the Commonwealth and the LGBTQ+ community in Virginia.” More from NBC.

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