#AM_Equality: April 26, 2021

by HRC staff

#AM_Equality: DOJ affirms 8th Amendment protections for incarcerated trans people; HRC celebrates Lesbian Visibility Day

DOJ AFFIRMS 8TH AMENDMENT PROTECTIONS FOR INCARCERATED TRANSGENDER PEOPLE: In a filing in a lawsuit, the Department of Justice affirmed that, under the 8th Amendment, incarcerated transgender people must be housed appropriately and given access to gender-affirming care. More from WSAV.

HRC CELEBRATES LESBIAN VISIBILITY DAY: Join us tonight at 7 pm EDT / 4 pm PDT for a conversation about visibility, feminism, trans inclusion and much more in an event called What the L? with The LGBTQ Task Force (@thetaskforce) and NCLR (@NCLRights). More from HRC.

ALABAMA GOV. KAY IVEY SIGNS ANTI-TRANS SPORTS BILL INTO LAW: “HB 391 is nothing more than a politically motivated bill designed to discriminate against an already vulnerable population. By signing this legislation, Gov. Ivey is forcefully excluding transgender children. Let’s be clear here: transgender children are children. They deserve the same opportunity to learn valuable skills of teamwork, sportsmanship, and healthy competition with their peers,” said HRC President Alphonso David (@AlphonsoDavid). More from HRC.

MONTANA LEGISLATURE SENDS ANTI-TRANSGENDER SPORTS BAN TO GOV. GIANFORTE’S DESK: “Montana legislators have sadly led the national effort to advance these hateful bills that harm transgender children, who deserve better than this targeted discrimination,” said HRC President Alphonso David. More from HRC.

WHEN REPUBLICANS TARGET TRANS GIRLS, CISGENDER GIRLS SUFFER TOO: In an opinion column, Katelyn Burns (@transscribe), writes “Florida’s bill, Arkansas’ bill and the many others like them are a grotesque invasion of privacy that should have no standing in a free society that allegedly cares and supports its girls and women.” More from MSNBC.


REPUBLICANS ACROSS THE U.S. ARE QUIETLY GIVING UP ON ANTI-TRANS BILLS: As public pressure has led to the failure of many anti-trans bills, there is an increasing number of Republicans quietly giving up on the onslaught of hate in legislative sessions. More from LGBTQ Nation.


HOW ‘POSE’ PAVED THE WAY FOR BETTER TV REPRESENTATION -- IN FRONT OF AND BEHIND THE CAMERA: This groundbreaking show features a cast and crew of Black and Brown queer characters, including transgender characters, at the center of its narrative. More from Variety.

KEHLANI COMES OUT AS A LESBIAN ON TIKTOK: In a video, LGBTQ musician Kehlani (@Kehlani) came out as a lesbian on TikTok after telling fans previously during a live stream. More from Variety.


CHECHEN LEADERS CHARGED OVER ALLEGED LGBTQ TORTURE: According to a report in The Guardian, general prosecutors in Germany have filed a 97-page charging document against five leading Chechen officials for the arrests, detentions, abuse, and torture of members of the LGBTQ+ community in the territory. More from Out.

ALAN CUMMING SUPPORTS TRANS RIGHTS IN ESSAY: Alan Cumming (@Alancumming) originally wrote the essay for the Royal Society Edinburgh magazine, before it was reprinted in The Times, saying “someone else getting rights doesn’t mean you have less.” More from Metro (UK).

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