#AM_Equality: April 24, 2020

by HRC Staff

New data on economic impact of COVID-19 on LGBTQ community; HRC mourns two trans lives lost in Puerto Rico

NEW HRC DATA ON THE ECONOMIC IMPACT OF COVID-19 ON THE LGBTQ COMMUNITY: “It is unfortunately not surprising to see that the LGBTQ community is facing adverse economic impacts due to the COVID-19 pandemic,” said HRC President Alphonso David (@AlphonsoDavid). “This new data bears out our initial predictions that LGBTQ people were likely to face greater economic hardship, and is more proof that the most marginalized communities are the most at risk. We have seen the health impact of this virus on communities of color, and we now have the data to show how the LGBTQ community is struggling. For those of us at the intersections of these identities, it is even more profound. We must take this moment to fight for the resources to ensure that communities most impacted can weather this storm.” More from HRC, NewNowNext, MTV, New York Daily News, Vice and Metro Weekly.

HRC MOURNS LAYLA PELAEZ SANCHEZ AND SERENA ANGELIQUE VELAZQUEZ RAMOS, TRANS LATINAS KILLED IN PUERTO RICO: HRC is deeply saddened to learn of the death of Layla Pelaez Sánchez, a 21-year-old transgender woman killed in Puerto Rico on April 21. Sánchez, 21, and Ramos, 32, are believed to be the seventh and eighth transgender or gender non-conforming people violently killed this year in the U.S. In 2020, four of the eight deaths of trans and gender-non conforming people have been in Puerto Rico. More from The New York Times.

"HRC is mourning alongside the loved ones of Serena and Layla, the people of Puerto Rico and the entire transgender community. Serena and Layla, like us all, had family, dreams, hopes -- and they did not deserve to die,” said Tori Cooper, HRC Director of Community Engagement for the Transgender Justice Initiative. “Transgender and gender non-conforming people, especially women of color, are too often the victims of a toxic mix of transphobia, racism and misogyny. People and policy must work together to protect our lives and our well-being. HRC stands in solidarity with all who knew and loved them."

WHY WE FIGHT FRIDAY -- #DECISIONDAY FOR THE SUPREME COURT ON TITLE VII: We are still waiting for decisions in the two Supreme Court cases regarding Title VII non-discrimination protections, but HRC is planning on joining our partners to host a virtual rally and town hall on the day the decisions come down. This virtual event will allow us to gather and discuss the outcome and what comes next. If you'd like to join us on the (TBD!) decision day, RSVP in advance here.

LGBTQ ASIAN AND PACIFIC ISLANDER AMERICANS ARE FACING A TWO-FRONT BATTLE DURING COVID-19: “[LGBTQ] people are more vulnerable to the health risks of COVID-19 and often more likely to work jobs in highly-affected industries -- with data showing that one in five LGBTQ people currently live in poverty. LGBTQ people who are also Asian and Pacific Islander are now confronting a surge in COVID-19 motivated racism and harassment,” said HRC Press Secretary Viet Tran (@viethoaitran). “Hate has no place in our country and Trump’s racist and divisive language only continues to place the Asian and Pacific Islander community -- especially immigrants -- at risk of violence and discrimination.” More from Vice.

LGBTQ HOTLINES PROVIDING LIVE-SAVING SUPPORT TO THOSE IN NEED DURING QUARANTINE: Even as their offices transition to working from home, LGBTQ hotlines like the Trevor Project are providing care to LGBTQ youth and young adults. They report calls to their service have increased since quarantine began. More from Forbes.

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HRC’S ALPHONSO DAVID ON THE END OF ‘WILL & GRACE’: “From the series premiere in 1998, when marriage equality did not exist, to this week’s series finale, which airs amidst the ongoing fight for equality for all LGBTQ people, Will & Grace has changed how LGBTQ people see themselves and their stories represented on television.”


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