#AM_Equality: April 22, 2021

by HRC staff

#AM_Equality: Tonight -- Join HRC and the cast/creators of ‘Pose’ at Time For Equality Live; Vanita Gupta confirmed as associate attorney general


TONIGHT -- HRC TO HONOR GROUNDBREAKING SHOW ‘POSE’: As part of HRC’s national virtual event Time for Equality Live, FX’s hit-series Pose (@PoseOnFX) will be honored, with cast and creators speaking at the event. “As Pose enters its final season, we at the Human Rights Campaign could not be prouder to honor this incredible show, cast and crew, and to thank them for the visibility they have brought to the LGBTQ community, particularly Black and Latinx trans women,” HRC President Alphonso David said in a press release. More from Advocate and The Grio.

NORTH DAKOTA GOV. DOUG BURGUM VETOES ANTI-TRANS SPORTS BILL: “Governor Burgum heard the loud voices of the general public including transgender people and their families, medical experts and the business and sports communities coming together to oppose anti-transgender legislation,” said HRC President Alphonso David (@AlphonsoDavid). “Public polling clearly shows that a vast majority of Americans, including 66% of Republicans, oppose this anti-transgender sports ban legislation. Further, these bills have dire consequences for transgender kids, who experience heightened levels of anxiety, depression, dysphoria and suicidal ideation.” More from HRC.

BLACK WOMEN CONGRESSIONAL LEADERS CALL FOR SENATE TO PASS THE GEORGE FLOYD JUSTICE IN POLICING ACT: Vice President Kamala Harris (@VP) and other members of the Congressional Black Caucus are calling for the U.S. Senate to pass the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act. This action is supported by Rep. Karen Bass (@RepKarenBass), Rep. Cori Bush (@CoriBush), Rep. Joyce Beatty (@RepBeatty) and more. More from The 19th.

🩺 ‘NO TIME FOR INTOLERANCE:’ DR. RACHEL LEVINE HAS A JOB TO DO: In a statement to transgender youth released upon her confirmation, Dr. Rachel Levine said, “I know that each and every day you confront many difficult challenges. Sadly, some of the challenges you face are from people who would seek to use your identity and circumstance as a weapon. It hurts. I know. I cannot promise you that these attacks will immediately cease, but I will do everything I can to support you and advocate for you.” More from Forbes.


ARIZONA GOV. DUCEY VETOES ANTI-LGBTQ EDUCATION BILL: “By vetoing this bill, Governor Ducey reminded the Arizona legislature that attempts to deny LGBTQ students crucial education will not be tolerated,” said HRC Arizona State Director Bridget Sharpe (@bridgetsharpeAZ). “Regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity, students in Arizona deserve to have access to high-quality sex education and information about LGBTQ history, literature and current events. This veto will protect LGBTQ children and ensure every student has access to enriching educational materials that tell the story of LGBTQ people in this country.” More from HRC.

FAMILIES AND DOCTORS URGE ALABAMA TO REJECT TRANS MEDICAL TREATMENT BAN: Carmarion D. Anderson-Harvey (@cander01), Alabama state director for the Human Rights Campaign, said the proposed bill is part of a wave of anti-trans legislation being introduced nationally. She said that depression and suicide rates increase among trans youth denied access to gender-affirming medical care. More from Associated Press.

  • HRC held an emergency press conference opposing anti-trans bills in Alabama with parents, medical professionals and trans youth. You can view that press conference here.

NYC LAUNCHES PROGRAM TO HELP HOMELESS LGBTQ YOUTH FIND JOBS: On Tuesday, it was announced that a new program called ‘NYC Unity Works’ will be the country’s “largest and most comprehensive workforce development program ever created for LGBTQI communities and will specifically focus on supporting homeless and runaway LGBTQI youth,” according to a press release. The program will launch on July 1 and will initially work with 90 people between 16 and 24 years old for up to two years. More from them.

ANTI-TRANS BILLS SPARK NEW CORPORATE BACKLASH AGAINST STATES: “Without a doubt, this discriminatory bill will harm transgender kids. It singles out children who are just trying to learn important skills of teamwork, sportsmanship, and competition in a healthy environment,” HRC President Alphonso David said in a statement. More from The Hill.


🎸 EZRA FURMAN (SHE/THEY) HAS COME OUT AS A TRANSGENDER WOMAN: In an Instagram post, Ezra Furman (@ezrafurman) wrote, “I wanted to share with everyone that I am a trans woman, and also that I am a mom and have been for a while now (like 2+ years).” More from NME.

🥊💄 THIS PRO FIGHTER IS A PROUD DRAG QUEEN: Diego Garijo (@diegogarijo) is a bare-knuckle fighter, drag queen, father and husband. Their carefree attitude is what allows them to thrive in the ring and on the stage. More from OutSports.

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