#AM_Equality: April 20, 2021

by HRC Staff

#AM_Equality: HRC to honor cast of “Pose” at National Virtual Event; Tonight -- Join HRC and Miz Cracker to phone back for the Equality Act

HRC TO HONOR FX’S EMMY® AND GOLDEN GLOBE® NOMINATED TV SERIES “POSE” AT NATIONAL VIRTUAL EVENT “TIME FOR EQUALITY LIVE”: “As ‘Pose’ enters its final season, we at the Human Rights Campaign could not be prouder to honor this incredible show, cast and crew, and to thank them for the visibility they have brought to the LGBTQ community, particularly Black and Latinx trans women,” said HRC President Alphonso David (@AlphonsoDavid). “‘Pose’ has broken barriers since episode one, making it the perfect recipient for our National Visibility and Impact Award at our ‘Time for Equality’ event. Together, we will celebrate this groundbreaking show while marking the progress our community has made under the Biden-Harris administration and reminding us of the critical, life-saving work we must advance for LGBTQ people to be treated equally under law and in life.” More from Hollywood Reporter, Advocate and HRC.

✨TONIGHT -- JOIN HRC TO KVETCH AND KVELL FOR A EQUALITY ACT PHONE BANK FEATURING DRAG QUEEN MIZ CRACKER: This night of fun, exuberance and an unrelenting commitment to our collective liberation, hosted by the amazing Miz Cracker (@miz_cracker), is an opportunity to mobilize the LGBTQ Jewish community and allies to make calls to the Senate calling for the passage of the Equality Act. More from HRC.

🏒🏳️‍🌈 PENGUINS AND SABRES HOSTED FIRST-EVER NHL JOINT PRIDE MATCHUP: In the first joint NHL pride matchup, the Pittsburgh Penguins (@Penguins) and the Buffalo Sabres (@BuffaloSabres), teamed up in support of LGBTQ equality. In a statement from the President of Hockey Operations for the Penguins, Brain Burke (@Burkie2020) shared “To the LGBTQ+ community, you are welcome in our building, you are welcome on our teams, you are welcome to come watch our games.” More from Outsports.

“I’M TRANS AND A PUBERTY BLOCKER SAVED MY LIFE”: In a personal essay, former HRC Youth Ambassador Nicole Talbot (@_nicoletalbot2001) writes about the life-saving impact of having access to puberty blockers for trans youth, as a record number of anti-trans bills are being proposed throughout the U.S. More from HuffPost.

DANICA ROEM’S FIGHT FOR TRANS RIGHTS: In 2018, Danica Roem (@pwcdanica) made history in Virginia as the first openly transgender legislator in the U.S. In an interview with The New York Times, she discusses the importance of LGBTQ visibility and representation in politics and the media. More from The New York Times.


TWO ARRESTED IN MURDERS OF BLACK TRANSGENDER WOMEN IN NORTH CAROLINA: Following the violent deaths of Jaida Peterson and Remy Fennell, Charlotte-Mecklenburg police arrested two men on Friday. The investigation is still ongoing; this news comes as at least 15 transgender or gender non-conforming people have been violently killed in 2021. More from New York Post.

TENNESSEE HOUSE PASSES ANTI-LGBTQ STUDENT BATHROOM BILL 2.0: “Resorting to outdated and baseless anti-equality arguments, the Tennessee legislature continues to relentlessly discriminate against and attempt to undermine the rights of LGBTQ and specifically transgender Tennesseans,” said HRC Associate Regional Campaign Director Melodía Gutiérrez (@mell0wdia). “Empowering those who wish to discriminate against transgender students and placing an undue burden on schools to accommodate these hurtful requests will lead to nothing but further stigmatization and degrading experiences for trans kids -- all of whom deserve to feel comfortable and accepted at school just like every other student.” More from HRC.

NORTH DAKOTA GOV. DOUG BURGUM SIGNS ANTI-LGBTQ HOUSE BILL 1503 INTO LAW: “North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum’s shameful decision to sign this discriminatory bill undermines non-discrimination policies at colleges, universities, and high schools across the state. Student organizations can now choose to turn away a range of potential members and leaders—from LGBTQ students to students of particular gender, race, or religious belief—and still receive state funding,” said HRC President Alphonso David (@AlphonsoDavid). “This law is nothing more than a harmful attempt by Gov. Doug Burgum and North Dakota legislators to discriminate against LGBTQ and other marginalized communities. No student should be denied full access to and enjoyment of educational, social, and leadership opportunities typically offered by colleges and universities because of who they are.”More from HRC.


🏈 NFL ATHLETE R.K. RUSSELL STANDS UP FOR TRANS YOUTH: In a statement, activist and professional athlete R.K. Russell (@RKRelentless) said, “I found family, support, love and encouragement in sports, teammates, coaches and competition.” Russell has been a passionate advocate for trans youth and continues to use his platform to call attention to the fights against anti-trans legislation. More from The Guardian.

LIL NAS X ANSWERED KIDS’ QUESTIONS ABOUT COMING OUT: In an interview with kids about what it means to come out of the closet, Lil Nas X (@LilNasX) shared “It means just doing yourself at all costs, no matter who’s watching.” More from NBC.

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