#AM_Equality: April 2, 2021

by HRC Staff

#AM_Equality: Join us to celebrate and defend trans lives in the classroom; Twenty years of marriage equality in the Netherlands

TODAY -- CELEBRATING AND DEFENDING TRANS LIVES IN THE CLASSROOM AND BEYOND: At 4:00 PM (EDT), join us for a live conversation with Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights featuring HRC staff, activists and folks from the RFK Human Rights team. More from HRC.

🏀 “WE ALL WIN WHEN TRANS ATHLETES ARE INCLUDED”: In an interview with Sports Illustrated, WNBA Minnesota Lynx GM and coach Cheryl Reeve (@LynxCoachReeve) shared her belief that there is no room for discrimination in women’s sports. Reeve writes, “Transgender exclusion pits woman athletes against one another, reinforces the harmful notion that there is only one right way to be a woman and distracts us from the real threats to women’s sports.” More from Sports Illustrated WNBA.

HRC ALABAMA STATE DIRECTOR CARMARION D. ANDERSON-HARVEY JOINED WHITE HOUSE EASTER VIRTUAL SERVICE: In a virtual event with the White House, HRC Alabama State Director Carmarion D. Anderson-Harvey (@cander01) took part to celebrate the upcoming Easter holiday with a powerful closing prayer.

THE GOP’S ATTACK ON TRANS KIDS, EXPLAINED: In a comprehensive explanation of anti-trans legislation, Katelyn Burns (@transscribe) examines the GOP’s attack on trans kids in the United States. More from Vox.

  • Want to get involved in defeating this dangerous legislation and protecting trans youth? People provides a guide on how to take action. More from People.


LGBTQ PANIC DEFENSE BANNED IN VIRGINIA: On Wednesday, Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam (@GovernorVA) signed a bill that bans the so-called LGBTQ panic defense in the state. More from Washington Blade.


TWENTY YEARS OF MARRIAGE EQUALITY: NETHERLANDS COMMEMORATES BEING FIRST COUNTRY TO LEGALIZE SAME-SEX MARRIAGE: The Netherlands was the first country to legalize same-sex marriage in 2001. In the years since, 28 countries worldwide, as well as the self-governing island of Taiwan, have legalized same-sex marriage. More from Associated Press.



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