#AM_Equality: April 15, 2021

by HRC Staff

#AM_Equality: Texas senate passes anti-trans sports bill; Young people fight back on anti-trans bills

TEXAS SENATE PASSES ANTI-TRANS SPORTS BILL: “Session after session, those who support equality and reject discrimination must travel to the Texas Capitol to deliver the same message: Discrimination is bad for business, bad for Texans, bad for Texas,” said Rebecca Marques (@_RebeccaMarques), HRC Texas State Director. “Transgender kids are kids who just want to play, and they deserve that chance. Pacifying a far-right base by targeting the health, safety and welfare of transgender children is heartless and cruel, like SB 29.” More from Los Angeles Blade and HRC.

WHY THE CHURCH SHOULD FIGHT ANTI-TRANS LEGISLATION: “As politicians continue to spread transphobic messages, seeking to stoke fear in their constituents by scapegoating a community that is already tremendously vulnerable, church leaders need to stand in solidarity with our transgender siblings and their allies who have been advocating for basic civil rights.” More from National Catholic Reporter.

THE GOP’S WAR ON TRANS KIDS: In an examination of Republican efforts to attack and violate the rights of trans kids, Adam Serwer (@AdamSerwer) writes, “These laws are egregious violations of personal liberty, inserting the state into decisions best made by families in consultation with medical professionals.” More from The Atlantic.

YOUNG TRANS PEOPLE ON ANTI-TRANS BILLS: “No matter how much you try to legislate against us, we are still gonna be here.” In this video featuring Ve’ondre Mitchell (@veondre), HRC Youth Ambassador, and Jay Brown (@ThisIsJayBrown), HRC Senior Vice President, Programs, Research & Training, young people are speaking out against the more than 100 anti-trans bills being considered across the country. More from NowThis.

MINNESOTA LYNX CALL ON NCAA TO TAKE ACTION FOR TRANSGENDER ATHLETES: Minnesota Lynx head coach Cheryl Reeve (@LynxCoachReeve) and forward Napheesa Collier (@PHEEsespieces) joined current and former NCAA athletes to call for the NCAA to take action against anti-trans legislation. This comes as more than fifty-six legislative measures have been filed in more than 30 states during the 2021 legislative session, according to Cathryn Oakley (@CthrynOkly), HRC State Legislative Director and Senior Counsel. More from ESPN.


MEET THE TRANSGENDER ACTIVISTS FIGHTING FOR JUSTICE IN ARKANSAS: With the passage of HB 1570, Arkansas became the first state in U.S. history last week to enact a law banning licensed medical practitioners from extending gender-affirming care to trans youth. In the aftermath, trans activists continue to challenge hateful legislation and rhetoric in Arkansas. More from them.

MARYLAND PASSES NAME CHANGE BILL AND BAN ON LGBTQ ‘PANIC DEFENSE’: With the passage of SB 220 and HB 128, Maryland has successfully clarified the definition of gender identity in existing hate crimes statutes, eliminated a provision that required publication of name changes and banned the ‘LGBTQ panic’ defense. More from Washington Blade.

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