#AM_Equality: April 13, 2021

by HRC Staff

#AM_Equality: 1,500+ parents condemn anti-trans bills in an open letter; HRC calls on NCAA to follow commitment with action

1,500+ PARENTS OF TRANSGENDER, NON-BINARY AND GENDER-EXPANSIVE YOUTH CONDEMN ANTI-TRANS BILLS IN AN OPEN LETTER TO LAWMAKERS: “Parents will not back down when it comes to protecting their children, and they will not tolerate their elected officials using their positions of power to harm and further oppress them,” said Jay Brown (@ThisIsJayBrown), Senior Vice President of HRC Programs, Research & Training. “We will never give up hope that if people -- including elected officials -- hear from people at the center of the policy debate, and their loved ones, that their hearts will open and their minds will change.” More from HRC.

TRANSGENDER ATHLETES AND ALLIES CALL ON NCAA TO RELOCATE CHAMPIONSHIPS FROM STATES WITH ANTI-TRANS LAWS: Last week, several athletes, advocates and allies called on the NCAA to withdraw its athletic events from states considering anti-trans legislation. This comes as the NCAA released a Statement on Transgender Participation yesterday, saying, “When determining where championships are held, NCAA policy directs that only locations where hosts can commit to providing an environment that is safe, healthy and free of discrimination should be selected.” More from Sports Illustrated and Metro Weekly.

WE SHOULD CELEBRATE TRANS KIDS, NOT CRACK DOWN ON THEM: In an op-ed, trans author Charlie Jane Anders (@charliejane) discusses the importance of celebrating trans kids. More from The Washington Post.

“THE BACKBONE OF TRANS RIGHTS POLICY:” MEET HARPER JEAN TOBIN: In an article by Kate Sosin (@shoeleatherkate), they call Harper Jean Tobin “one of the most consequential transgender changemakers that you’ve likely never heard of.” More from 19th News.


“CHILDREN WILL DIE”: TRANSGENDER ADVOCATES WARN ABOUT RISKS OF ANTI-TRANS LEGISLATION: At a time when transgender youth face higher levels of anxiety and depression, the impact of anti-trans legislation could prove fatal for trans and non-binary youth in states where anti-trans bills have become law. More from USA Today.


TRANS STAR PERSONIFIES BEAUTY IN NEW CAMPAIGN: Activist, performer and dancer Leiomy Maldonado (@leiomy) has made history as the first out Black trans lead model for Black Opal Beauty’s new campaign. More from The Advocate.

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