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HRC in Ohio

Human Rights Campaign fights for LGBTQ equality in Ohio alongside state and local groups and lawmakers. Join our team in Ohio as we work to defend the rights of LGBTQ people, immigrants, women, people of color and more.  

If you are a reporter seeking up to the minute information about measures in Ohio, please email press@hrc.org and/or subscribe to our daily tipsheet, AM Equality.

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Local Issues

Non-Discrimination Protections 

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Health care 

HRC & SAGE Partner for First-Ever Assessment of Care Facilities Serving Older LGBTQ People

LGBTQ Youth 

Ohio's Elected Leaders

Ohio's US Senator, Sherrod Brown marks Dayton Mass Shooting by pushing for gun reform

Openly lesbian State Senator, Nickie Antonio pushes for Ohio to be the next state to protect LGBTQ people in housing and in employment. 

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