Staff Training FAQs

​About the trainings offered

How long are the trainings?

The length of the trainings vary, but most are one hour long. The trainings available on The CAL vary the most since they are presented as eLearning series. Each series has two or more courses that are typically ½ hour in length. The total length of each series is clearly indicated in the series description and all series are on-demand—meaning you can stop the training at anytime and pick up right where you left off later.  Most of the trainings offered through the National LGBT Health Education Center are one hour—it is noted where trainings are longer. The VHA trainings range from 1 to 1 ½ hours.  

Can we attend as a group?

In general, we do not encourage group trainings as an option with our training program. There are over 60+ trainings for people to choose from so we want people to have the option to choose the trainings that best meet their needs and interests. The trainings also offer free CME/CEU credits which we cannot offer in a group setting. Finally, the trainings on The CAL are interactive so someone needs to manually interface with the system.

However, group trainings can be a good option for front-line staff, those without computers, and other staff that do not need CME/CEU credit. You can do group viewings with trainings on The CAL or the National LGBT Health Education Center, but someone will need to navigate through the different videos and slides.

We encourage you to chose one of the LGBTQ introductory trainings for group viewing. Please be sure to submit individual sign-in sheets for all attendees in the group, so we can credit your facility. You will get an hour (or more depending on training) for each attendee.

What type of Continuing Medical Education credits are available?

The trainings offered through both The CAL and the National LGBT Health Education Center provide AMA PRA Category 1 Credit™. The CME/CEU credit types for the VHA courses vary.

How does someone register for the trainings?

For the courses on The CAL and The National LGBT Health Education Center, each participant will have to first create an account for the site and then they may select which courses they would like to take.

I have previously taken courses from the National LGBT Health Education Center, will I need to create a new registration so that my facility gets HEI credit?

No. The next time you log in to the National LGBT Health Education Center’s site, you will be prompted to update your account information to add your facility ID number. By adding this number, you will ensure that your facility gets credit for any trainings you take.

Executive Briefing Training Requirement

Who must complete the Executive Briefing Training?

At least one senior manager (Director, Vice President or Chief level) in each of the following work areas must complete the online, three-part training series entitled “LGBTQ Patient-Centered Care: An Executive Briefing.”

  • Organization leadership (e.g., CEO, COO, medical director, vice president, counsel, or similar “C-suite” leader)
  • Nursing management
  • Patient relations/services management
  • Admitting/registration management
  • Human resources management

The senior managers that attend this training must be the highest ranking staff member from each of these work areas for the specific facility. Senior managers are typically at the level of Director or higher.

We are an outpatient facility so we do not have a person in charge of admitting, can we waive the requirement for that person to attend?

Yes. However, you must still have 5 senior managers attend, so you can substitute any additional senior manager from the four other management groups.

How do you know who our facilities Executives are that complete the training?

We ask that you complete this form to pre-approve your senior managers completing the Executive Briefing Training Series. This ensures that the managers that you select meet our requirements and allows us to easily verify that the requirement has been met.

Can we use our own training?

No external training can be substituted for the Executive Briefing Training.

On-Going Training Requirement

What do you mean by “25 hours” for the on-going training requirement?

Each facility must complete at least 25 hours of on-going LGBTQ training. This is a per facility requirement, not a per person requirement. Ideally, at least 25 different staff members will participate in a training of an hour or longer. However, we use the 25 hour figure rather than 25 people to allow for some flexibility since the length of trainings may vary and to account for the fact that some people will want to take more than one training.

Who must/should attend the trainings to meet the on-going training requirement?

All staff that interface with patients are invited and encouraged to participate in these trainings. There are no specific staff requirements for the on-going training like there is for the “LGBTQ Patient-Centered Care: An Executive Briefing” training.

Can we use our own training?

Yes, with pre-approval, a healthcare facility may receive credit for their own training course(s) on LGBTQ culturally competent care and/or specific LGBTQ health topics. See our page on external trainings for more information.

Can we get credit if a member of our staff attended an LGBTQ health conference or webinar?

Yes, staff may attend other expert led trainings on LGBTQ health that provide CME/CEU credit (such as conferences, other webinars, etc.) and have that training count towards the on-going LGBTQ education requirement. See our page on external trainings for more information.

Training Promotion Requirement

How do we meet the requirement to make all of our patient-serving staff aware of the available HEI trainings?

This can be done in multiple ways such as through an email blast, notification on the hospital’s intranet or training site, flyers or posters in employee areas, etc. We encourage the use of multiple methods to inform staff of the training opportunities available. Survey submitters can find resources such as flyer and poster templates and content to use in other formats.

If we have been approved for our own training, do we still have to promote the HEI trainings?

Yes, even if you have been approved for your own training and/or have met the requirement completely with your own training, you must still make your staff aware of the free trainings offered through the HEI.

If we are a VHA facility can we only promote the VHA trainings?

No. You must still promote all of the trainings available through the HEI.

Training Requirement Completion

What is the time frame for completing the training requirement each year?

The HEI will accept any trainings completed from January 1 through the final survey deadline for that year (including any granted extensions).  We cannot accept trainings that follow the previous year's survey deadline but take place before January 1. 

As the survey submitter, what do I have to submit to HRC to prove that we have met the training requirements?

Training records from The CAL and The National LGBT Health Education Center are regularly sent to the HEI team—so you do not have to submit anything. You can find more information about requesting HEI credit for all other types of training.

How will I be able to tell how many hours have been completed by staff at my facility?

On the Login page for your survey, you will see a training summary box titled, "Training Information & Resources." Here, you will find all relevant training information pertaining to your facility such as what training requirement your facility needs to fulfill (Executive Briefing or On-Going LGBTQ Education) and the total amount of training hours your facility has completed. 

Please reach out if you do not have the link to access your facility's personalized login page information.