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Patient Services & Support

This criteria section focuses on a wide variety of best practice recommendations from The Joint Commission and other sources to enhance care for LGBTQ patients. Reviewing the services and support offered by other organizations and recommended by experts, an organization can identify and address gaps in their policies and practices.

Four subsections compose this criteria: LGBTQ Patient Services and Support; Transgender Services and Support; Patient Self-Identification; and Medical Decision Making.

To receive credit in the HEI:

In total, there are 25 scored questions in this section. In order to receive the full 30 points, a facility must have at least 11 or more of these best practices in place from any of the subsections. Facilities that have 6 to 10 of these best practices in place will receive a partial score of 15 for this criterion.

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LGBTQ Patient Services

Transgender Patient Services

Patient Self-Identification

Medical Decision Making