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This is a guide for usage of the HRC logo and name, as well as suggested guidelines for HRC ads and marketing, so that steering committees, dinner committees and staff can work together to build and maintain strong brand identity across the country.

The Equality Mark Usage

Since its introduction in 1995, the Human Rights Campaign logo and name have become symbols for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender equality across America. Because of this, HRC must work diligently to maintain the integrity of its logo and name so that its brand identity is not diluted. In building brand identity, it is paramount to coordinate a consistent image to avoid confusion in the marketplace.

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Correct Usage

The logo should always appear in its own free space, whenever possible. Also, whenever possible, the full logo should appear in blue and yellow. When photocopied or in b/w newsprint, a b/w logo may appear. When on a dark background, the logo must appear with a white rule around the mark, with the words in white. Any other use is incorrect.

Incorrect Usage

The mark (the square and equal bars by itself) may appear, if and only if the full logo (with the words “Human Rights Campaign” below the mark) also appears in the same layout. A representation of the logo may appear (such as a drawing, a collage or other creative interpretation) only when the full logo also appears in the same layout. The reason for these rules is to better establish the Equality mark with the name “Human Rights Campaign.” The general public may have seen the mark and even understand its meaning, but not know it is associated with the Human Rights Campaign.

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