Mike Pence is an extremist.

Mike Pence is an extremist who is amassing power and exerting influence with less scrutiny than any vice president in U.S. history.

Meet the Real Mike Pence

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The Real Mike Pence

  • Play the Video Trump Announces HIV Plan After Undermining Advocates’ Efforts

    Trump announced an intention to eliminate domestic HIV transmissions by 2030, despite his administration’s ongoing record of undermining HIV and AIDS prevention, treatment and awareness.

  • Play the Video Mike Pence's Anti-LGBTQ+ Friends

    Mike Pence has surrounded himself with entrenched anti-LGBTQ+ friends who are determined to see their hateful agenda take shape in the White House.

  • Play the Video Mike Pence Praises Joe Arpaio

    Mike Pence described Joe Arpaio as a "great friend." His "friend" is a disgraced former sheriff who was found guilty of criminal contempt.

  • Play the Video Mike Pence on HIV & AIDS

    HRC released a powerful new video calling attention to Vice President Mike Pence’s history of failures around HIV and AIDS prevention.

  • Play the Video Mike Pence on LGBTQ+ Issues

    Mike Pence is an extremist who is amassing power and exerting influence with less scrutiny than any vice president in U.S. history.

  • Play the Video HRC Joins First Pride Festival in Mike Pence’s Hometown

    HRC was proud to join the inaugural Columbus LGBT Pride Festival -- hometown of anti-LGBTQ+ Mike Pence. Despite his deplorable legacy, Columbus is showing that discrimination has no place in Indiana.

Mike Pence On The Issues

Pence In The Press

Will Pence Condemn “Kill Transgenders” Chanting Alleghany Activists?

Our community is facing an epidemic of violence and these detestable and despicable chants inciting murder must be condemned. While the “Back the Blue” rally was not a Trump sanctioned event, the protestors are clearly Trump supporters based on their clothing and signage and they must be denounced by Pence and the Trump campaign. Trump and Pence have consistently refused to acknowledge the epidemic of anti-LGBTQ+ violence and failed to commit any federal resources to combat this epidemic of violence. Will they finally step up and condemn their supporters' actions?

Trump & Pence Ignoring Disproportionate Impacts Of COVID-19

The federal government is failing to address or even acknowledge the disproportionate impact of COVID-19 on people of color and the LGBTQ+ community. Instead, they have limited access to health care by refusing to reopen the ACA exchanges and spouted untruth after untruth about the crisis. Trump, Pence and our entire federal government are failing us.

HRC to Trump and Pence: Stop Attacking LGBTQ+ Youth and Families

Trump and Pence relentlessly marginalize LGBTQ+ people and attempt to erase our existence. Their disturbing worldview extends into the adoption and foster care systems, where they support giving federally-funded foster and adoption agencies a license to discriminate against LGBTQ+ children and prospective parents, religious minorities and other vulnerable groups. LGBTQ+ youth are tragically overrepresented in foster care, and this White House continues to exacerbate the marginalization, harassment and discrimination that LGBTQ+ youth in foster care and families face.