The following is part of a series of posts from HRC Foundation staff at the National Transgender Health Summit in Oakland, CA:

"You can't ask someone to check a box explaining who they are to you"

These insightful words were spoken by one of the 930 transgender and gender expansive participants in the HRC Foundation's seminal Youth Survey. In fact, these young people filled out a full 18 new qualitative descriptions of how they would describe their gender identity.
Family Project Director and licensed social worker, Ellen Kahn, presented this work today at the National Transgender Health Summit. The audience of clinicians and social workers was thrilled to learn more about this large cohort of youth and the depth of information we now have from this survey. Many felt that the anonymity of the on-line survey allowed the teens to be more open and honest, and there is so much we can learn from them.

Read and download the HRC Foundation's groundbreaking report Growing Up LGBT in Americahere.

Left, Dr. Anne Nicoll; right, Ellen Kahn, Family Project Director

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