Post submitted by Maureen McCarty, former HRC Deputy Director of Marketing

Tonight Jeremy Stoppelman, CEO of Yelp – a top rated company on HRC’s Corporate Equality Index, not only threw the weight of his company behind the movement to halt the swelling tide of anti-LGBT legislation nationwide, but also called on other corporations to do the same. 

Other major companies, including Wal-Mart and Apple, have opposed these anti-LGBT bills out of concern that they undermine existing civil rights law and deeply harm the business climate of states in which they are passed.

As of today, lawmakers have introduced more than 85 anti-LGBT bills in 28 state legislatures.

He statement reads:

“These laws set a terrible precedent that will likely harm the broader economic health of the states where they have been adopted, the businesses currently operating in those states and, most importantly, the consumers who could be victimized under these laws.

… It is unconscionable to imagine that Yelp would create, maintain, or expand a significant business presence in any state that encouraged discrimination by businesses against our employees, or consumers at large. I encourage states that are considering passing laws like the one rejected by Arizona or adopted by Indiana to reconsider and abandon these discriminatory actions. (We’re looking at you, Arkansas.)

I hope that in the future the legislatures in the nineteen states that have these laws on the books will reconsider their actions. In the mean time, Yelp will make every effort to expand its corporate presence only in states that do not have these laws allowing for discrimination on the books.

I also hope that other companies will draw a similar line in the sand for equality on behalf of their employees and the greater public to persuade legislators to do the right thing and stop or rescind these harmful laws.”

HRC applauds Stoppelman for taking a stand against these vicious bills and joins his call for other corporations to do the same.

Read his statement in its entirety here and learn more about the current landscape of anti-LGBT legislation here.

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