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This week, HRC is hosting more than 30 global leaders for equality in Washington, D.C. for the third annual Global Innovative Advocacy Summit. These leading global advocates for LGBTQ equality were selected from hundreds of applicants because of the creative, inspiring and impactful work they do to advance equality around the globe.

From April 9-12, the Global Innovators will take part in intense discussions with each other and HRC staff on innovative ways to advance LGBTQ equality. They will share ideas, best practices and unique approaches to effectively build movements and advocate for equality, whether that’s through family, community or across borders.

Since 2016, the Global Summit has brought together nearly 100 leaders from all corners of the globe who are advancing LGBTQ equality. The 2018 Global Innovators join HRC’s growing network of advocates and partners from nearly 70 countries.

Follow along here and on social media using #HRCGlobalSummit to learn more about what these leading advocates are doing with HRC.

Day 1: HRC welcomes the 2018 Global Innovators to Washington, D.C.


In this photo, there are LGBTQI activists from Thailand, Burundi, Nigeria, the UK, Colombia, India, Kuwait, Pakistan, Zimbabwe, The Philippines, Nepal and Japan. I’m always excited to meet fellow activist from around the world. It not only recharges me but inspires me to continue my own work. Please follow these wonderful souls to see their work around the globe. ����️‍�������� . . . . . . . . #hrcglobalsummit #gayactivist #lgbtactivist #lgbtqi #lgbtqiapride #lgbt #lgbtq #lgbtpride #transactivist #transgenderwoman #transwoman #transman #gay #pflag #momofagayson #gaythailand #gayburundi #gaynigeria #gayuk #gaycolombia #gaykuwait #gaykuwaiti #transpakistan #gayzimbabwe #gayphilippines #gaynepal #gayjapan #humanrights #lgbtrights #humanrightscampaign

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Day 2: Global Innovators discuss how to use personal ties and stories to build a movement and grow their advocacy.

Day 3: Global Innovators discuss how to use community ties to build a movement and grow their advocacy. They joined global equality partners at the Embassy of Argentina for a reception.

Day 4: Global Innovators discuss how to use regional ties across borders to build a movement and grow their advocacy. Innovators mix & mingle with HRC staff.


Countries represented at this years #hrcglobalsummit! #graphicrecording

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