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Earlier this week, HRC President Chad Griffin joined Tippi McCullough, the lesbian Arkansas teacher threatened with termination after marrying her partner, to call on all fair-minded Arkansans to speak out against unjust discrimination.
McCullough recently resigned from her position as a teacher at Mount St. Mary’s Academy after she was was threatened with dismissal if after marrying her partner of 14 years, Barb Mariani.
HRC stands by the loving, committed same-sex couple and calls on Mount St. Mary’s students, teachers, donors, community members and all fair-minded Arkansans to join us.
Please sign the petition to Mount St. Mary President Karen Flake and Principal Diane Wolfe asking on them to commit to ending discrimination against LGBT employees and apologize to Tippi.
The community is behind us. Recent polling found that 86 percent of Christians believed the very tenets of their faith compelled them to support protections for LGBT people under the law—and American Catholics are leading the way in their support for equality.
Will you join us?
Below watch HRC President Chad Griffin and Tippi McCullough’s remarks at Tuesday’s press conference at South on Main Restaurant in Little Rock.


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